Friday, July 21, 2017

Blue Team Forms Alliance with Red's Neocons

America's Democratic Party joined with war mongering Republican neocons to form the Alliance for Securing Democracy, according to The Intercept.  The Blue Team's Laura Rosenberger and Red Jamie Fly are chief staffers for the group.  The following are board members, some with private equity affiliations:

Red Team
Mike Chertoff - Chertoff Group Growth Equity
Bill Crystal
Mike Rogers - Trident Capital

Blue Team
Michael Morrell
Jake Sullivan
Nicole Wong - Refactor Capital

"Democrats often justify this union as a mere marriage of convenience: a pragmatic, temporary alliance necessitated by the narrow goal of stopping Trump."  Pragmatic, temporary alliances are essentially "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

That practice in Afghanistan got the U.S. Obama bin Laden, al Qaeda and 9-11.  The United States partnered with dangerous allies in Libya and Syria. It remains to be seen how that blows back on innocent civilians at home and abroad.

America's two political parties make war mostly for public consumption.  The Alliance for Securing Democracy is about political insiders pursuit of power and money.  Corporate donors with deep pockets get out-sized influence.  The combination is both intoxicating and dangerous.