Tuesday, December 4, 2007

U.S. Gives Head Fake on Iran

In a classic good cop, bad cop routine the United States and Israel continue to toy with Iran. Uncle Sam decided to bring the suspect the slightest bit of good news with its latest National Intelligence Estimate. "I sort of believe you," said the goateed man in the red, white and blue top hat. "But you'll have to give me more."

Once that small bit of more comes out, wham! The bad cop, Israel pounds the little bearded suspect's head against the wall. Israel officially discounted the U.S. estimate saying "even if the Islamic republic halted its programme in 2003, as said in a new US intelligence assessment, Israel believed it has since been relaunched."

Those focus groups helped American war mongers devise this strategy. Israel can take out Iran's nuclear facilities and our citizen's will say "that's their business." Then the U.S. can come to the aid of our ally when Iran rages in retaliation. We're all being set up at the moment. You can get excited about the apparent U.S. change of heart, Iran but don't be surprised when the bad cop comes wheeling around the corner throwing haymakers. Words won't stop missiles, yours or theirs.