Friday, August 28, 2009

Freedom to Give Your Laptop Data to Homeland Security

The Bush era policy of copying laptop hard drives continues for people entering/reentering the U.S. Homeland Security can do so without probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

Obama: Now "Change" Means No Change from W.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Connecting the Freedom Dots

White House spokesperson Dana Perino denied the U.S. tortured anyone. Yet, a report revealed the CIA threatened detainees with death and harming family members. It identified "inhumane" behavior by interrogators. They ranged from:

1. Firing a gun in another room to simulate the execution of a detainee
2. Running a drill next to the head of a prisoner
3. Threatening to kill one suspect's children
4. Threatening to force another to watch his mother sexually assaulted.

What about the pictures showing implementation of horrific acts by interrogators. The Obama White House and Congress seem determined that those images not see the light of day.

It takes very little to see the systematic nature of Bush-Cheney torture. Threats turned into acts. Our government has the freedom to suppress the truth.