Thursday, April 3, 2008

FW Still Just Watching

Freedom's Watch continues to live up to its name. It stayed on the sidelines watching people throughout the world protest to gain more freedom. So far FW is zero for five. They missed Burma, Pakistan, Kenya, Tibet and now Zimbabwe. Does that mean the conservative advocacy group likes heavy handed leaders who smack down democratic movements?

Freedom's Watch stands ready to spend $250 million on issue ads to influence the November elections. The group recently hired attack ad specialist, Carl Forti, fresh from controlling operating expenses at the National Republican Congressional Committee. Yes, that's the same NRCC that went without a real financial audit for over 5 years and lost up to $1 million of donated funds. Treasurer Chris Ward ended up with the money, but one might expect someone controlling expenses to meet with an auditor. Did Mr. Forti not notice?

But Carl moved from one nonprofit, the NRCC, to another, FW. He's sure to continue his dirty work in his new non-taxpaying organization. While members of Congress want to tax your community hospital, advocacy groups can soil our airwaves. What diseases to democracy will Freedom's Watch spread? We already know their diagnosis capabilities are limited, at least internationally.