Saturday, December 6, 2008

Freedom to Beat the Press

A Haaretz photographer took a fist to the face and a rifle butt to the head for doing her job, taking pictures. She was in Hebron, near the Jewish settler evicted home.

Photographers were snapping pictures of Palestinian families inside their homes, which lie not far from the evacuated "House of Contention" in central Hebron, when IDF troops arrived and temporarily requisitioned the homes.

When the three journalists exited the home, they spotted three IDF soldiers in the street. As Tess Scheflan began taking pictures of the soldiers, they began to approach her. One of the soldiers tried to swipe her camera before attempting to grab the camera of the other photojournalist at the scene.

Scheflan then remarked something to the soldier, who responded by delivering a fisted blow to her face. The soldier then used the butt of his rifle to strike Scheflan in the head.

Shortly afterward, Scheflan received treatment at the scene from an IDF medic. She was subsequently transferred by ambulance to Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem.

Democracies beating the press? That has a familiar ring. Was an Energy Industry Reception nearby?