Saturday, October 31, 2009

Corrupt Election Followed by Runoff Withdrawal?

The AP reported:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says Abdullah Abdullah's call for a boycott of next weekend's runoff election in Afghanistan will not affect the legitimacy of that runoff.

The reason for the runoff is widespread election fraud. Senator John Kerry brokered the deal calling for a runoff between President Hamid Karzai and challenger Abdullah Abdullah. Kerry gave three weeks notice of the new election. How much can a country's election system change in 21 days? Not much.

No wonder Abdullah Abdullah withdrew from an election that produced hundreds of thousands of fake ballots. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton's calling anything about the Afghan election "legitimate" is patently absurd. Hillary wasn't the only one at a microphone. Bloomberg reported:

Kerry expressed confidence in Karzai’s ability to recover from allegations that his government is corrupt and engaged in fraud in the first round of elections Aug. 20.

Apparently, American leaders are consistent in their ridiculous statements.

Update: Abdullah Abdullah withdrew from the runoff in a Sunday morning announcement.