Friday, April 22, 2011

Homeland Security: Threat of Fireworks Discharge "Imminent"

The odds of dying from a fireworks discharge are 1 in 386,766.  That's twice the odds of dying of a terror attack in a foreign country, 1 in 650,000. That risk of terror attack is even lower in the U.S. 

Homeland Securities five level, colored terror threat system will be replaced by two threat levels, “elevated” and “imminent.”  If America's terror system is the model, citizens are in imminent danger of being struck by lightning, odds 1 in 84,079. 

For this citizens and their children are molested by airport security?  There's a common link to this madness, Frances Townsend and Michael Chertoff.  They personally profit from the inane system.

Update 5-3-11:  The shooting death of Osama bin Laden did not change America's terror status. However, the official account did.