Saturday, February 11, 2012

Switch is On

The switch is nearly complete. Democracy is "out of date" and needs to be replaced by totalitarianism so the greedy can make more money.

The Carlyle Group closed its Cairo office last year in response to the political turmoil (call for democracy) in Egypt, re-locating personnel from there to its Dubai operation. 

State capitalism ensures greater returns for the purveyors of the Government-Corporate Monstrosity (GCM), Eisenhower's Military Industrial Complex (MIC) on trillions in federal budget steroids.

The last task will be to round up the un-American, who have no rights to privacy or a trial in front of their peers.  How long before the U.S. re-imports summary execution at the hands of those charged with protecting?

Mindless drones are coming.

Drone Lobby Presentation

Update 2-12-12:  Middle East private equity deals were down due to "last year's Arab Spring uprisings introduced political uncertainty into the equation."  How long before the new totalitarians, wielding State Capitalism, replace messy democracy?

Update 2-28-12:  Congress passed a bill making public protests illegal at events with a Secret Service presence.  It's Obama-Bush's to sign.  Will a Jeffersonian figure rise as a result?