Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hillary's War Theater

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced talks between Iran and six world powers on Iran's nuclear program.  The talks will take place in Istanbul from April 13-14.  The Jerusalem Post highlighted last year's talks on this issue:

The previous such meeting took place in Istanbul in January 2011, when the two sides failed to agree on an agenda.
Hillary used the same language U.S. leaders us with Israel, unbreakable bond,

"The commitment of the United States to the people and the nations of the Gulf is rock-solid and unwavering. Our strong bilateral relationships are a rock of stability in the region," Clinton said in prepared remarks delivered in the inaugural meeting of a new US-Gulf security forum.
America supports heavy handed dictatorial regimes throughout the Persian Gulf, the kind that used brute military force to crush any semblance of an Arab Spring.

Clinton said the United States will work with Gulf Arab nations to strengthen their shared defenses against threats including Iran.
Add the President Obama judged world oil markets robust enough to inflict Iranian pain.  He essentially gave a three month warning to anyone buying Iranian oil.

As for the upcoming meeting with Iran, Hillary even worked in an ominous Friday the 13th. Will she also include a creepy soundtrack?