Saturday, June 16, 2012

United States' Control over Global Commons

A retired military friend commented on force headcount reductions such that the U.S. could have the Air Force X-37B space plane and other high tech goodies, like Navy DDG-1000 destroyer, stealth ships with electromagnetic guns that launch projectiles.

That same day I saw a commercial for the Navy, branded as a "global force for good."   I later noticed Pentagon Chief Leon Panetta's warning of a looming cyberwar, which America has been perpetrating with impunity. 

Space, the high seas, the internet...where had I read the United States must rule the global commons?  It was the Project for the New American Century's Rebuilding America's Defenses.

My friend added the U.S. had lots of troops on the ground in Africa at the moment.  Which way will they be mobilized, Syria or Iran?  Iran, Syria and North Korea are the only ones from the PNAC report not yet invaded. The American led West already dealt with Iraq and Libya.

There should be a strong strategic synergy between U.S. forces overseas and in a reinforcing posture: units operating abroad are an indication of American geopolitical interests and leadership, provide significant military power to shape events and, in wartime, create the conditions for victory when reinforced. Conversely, maintaining the ability to deliver an unquestioned “knockout punch” through the rapid introduction of stateside units will increase the shaping power of forces operating overseas and the vitality of our alliances.
The knockout punch could include space launched tungsten rods, electromagnetically propelled molten metal and/or high energy lasers.

Everybody's looking for something disruptive to tilt the system in their favor, U.S. politicians, American branded corporate/financial giants, and the U.S.military.  These three groups coalesce to form the Government Corporate Monstrosity, Eisenhower's MIC on trillions in federal steroids and now global. 

PNAC's 2000 vision is nearly complete.  What's next for American branded hegemony?  Does the average person need another financial kick in the teeth?   Maybe more snooping in their lives?  How about a Cyber Pearl Harbor?  The GCM can deliver it all, while vastly enriching the core faithful