Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clinton & Lieberman on Iran

The Jerusalem Post reported:

“I have absolutely no doubt that it is within our power to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons country.  The question is not whether we can stop them, but whether we will choose to stop them.”

To that end, he pointed to a bipartisan Senate resolution with 78 cosponsors declaring that when it comes to Iran, “all options are on the table except one, and that one is containment of a nuclear Iran.”

The US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act passed both houses of Congress and is headed to President Obama's desk.

Lieberman loves war, as evidenced by his position:

The US soon faces a choice between allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weapons or taking military action to stop it.

“For me, there is only one choice.”
More war.  Lieberman is joined by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

Update 7-29-30:  President Obama's National Security Advisor Tom Donilon shared Iranian strike plans with Israeli leaders (Haaretz) and Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was in Israel for a campaign fundraiser, during which he made war talkJerusalem Post reported "The cost to attend the event, where Romney is expected to appear for 45 minutes, is $50,000 a couple."