Friday, August 23, 2013

Peace Prospect: War Tactic?

Israel hates waging a multi-front war.  This explains why they dangle lengthy peace negotiations with Palestinians while preparing to war with a neighbor.  That's the current situation.  The Irish Times reported:

US secretary of state John Kerry has allocated nine months for the talks, which will alternate between Jerusalem and the West Bank. He insists the sides are serious in their desire to clinch a peace deal that will end the deeply entrenched conflict.

Here's the dangle:
Israeli chief negotiator Tzipi Livni, a veteran of the previous round of talks, warned that “dramatic decisions” will have to be taken by Israel at the end of the negotiating process.
How many wars will Israel and the U.S. embark upon in the next nine months?

Update 8-25-13:  The U.S. and Israel will give Iran less than 6 months to change its nuclear course.  Neocons John McCain and Lindsey Graham want the U.S. to attack Syria with a series of "surgical strikes" after the recent poisoning of Syrian civilians.  Chemical weapons tend to be in the purview of nation states.  That leaves an offensive attack by Syria/Russia or false flag event sponsored by Israel/U.S.