Friday, September 12, 2014

By Killing

By killing their relatives we turned 3,000 al Qaeda into 30,000 ISIS/ISIL.   America's leaders don't understand how the cycle of violence expands exponentially.  We claim to be Christian, followers of Jesus Christ, yet we frequently unsheath our knife to push our ways, protect our possessions.  We invade new territories to open new markets and gain access to "our" earthly resources.

By killing their kin we'll turn 30,000 ISIS/ISIL into 90,000 what?  This way Presidents will always have a war to fight and they can all give variations of the same speech.

Update 3-18-15:  Obama realizes the connection, but his prescription is wrong.  He said we should generally aim, before we shoot.   He completely avoids "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" root cause.  Obama made the same mistake in Libya and is doing so in Ukraine.

Update 12-13-15:  By killing Russia says 30,000 ISIS/ISIL are now 60,000.