Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bush Team Not Free to Use Theory

Dr. Deming said "it is management's job to know." What was he talking about? Knowledge is prediction. Management is in the prediction business. They do so using theory. Leader's predictions come true or not. Testing the theory produces data or information to support or refute it. One can use such information to make adjustments to the theory for future use.

George W. Bush's administration believes it's management's job not to know. The Bush team cannot make predictions until actual situations present themselves. Take Justice Chief Michael Mukasey. During his confirmation hearings, members of Congress clearly wanted to know our country's official position on waterboarding. He couldn't answer because Mukasey didn't yet have the job. Now that he's had it for months, the Attorney General still can't answer the question.

"Those circumstances have not been set out," Mukasey answered. "That is not part of the program. We don't know concretely what they are. And we don't know how that would work." Mukasey added: "It is unresolved, because I have not been presented with a concrete situation."

This is the sign of an adminstration that operates off gut and experience. The Bush team knows and learns nothing.

"Without theory there is nothing to modify or learn,"-Dr. W. Edwards Deming