Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wolfie's Back in Time for Iran

The State Department announced Mr. Paul Wolfowitz's appointment as chairman of the International Security Advisory Board. It issued a statement saying Wolfowitz will provide analysis and insight into current issues for the secretary of state on a regular basis. Paul served as one of the chief architects of the Iraq War and rejoins the Bush administration in a critical advisory role. He'll sit next to other old neocon buddies , just in time for the next New American Century chapter on Iran.

The International Security Advisory Board is sponsored and overseen by the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security. Does this mean Bush contracted with Wolfie to oversee the Board, as he's now its chairman? The current undersecretary, John Rood, is only an acting appointment and looks somewhat green to be steering a veteran board. Also, with Nick Burns on his way out, there will be one less diplomat to deal with Iran. The new man is a well known warmonger.

Notice the overlap between the PNAC and the ISAB: Paul Wolfowitz (new chairman), R. James Woolsey, and William Schneider Jr. They're joined by Robert Joseph, the former National Security Council official in charge of Iraq WMD intelligence. Bob Joseph is the guy who put the Niger claim into the SOTU, apparently pressuring Alan Foley to keep it in there after Foley objected. I feel some neocon ass kicking coming on, led by our Israeli friends.