Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hillary Sends Panamanian Strongman Noriega to France?

Panama dictator Manuel Noriega finished his jail term for drug charges in 2007, yet remained behind bars in Miami as America decided his next stop. Panama wanted Noriega for murder, France for laundering drug money. BBC reported on France's win:

The former Panamanian leader, Manuel Noriega, has arrived in France after being extradited from the US, where he has served more than 20 years in jail.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier signed a "surrender warrant" after all judicial challenges ended.

Does the French extradition have anything to do with Noriega's work for the CIA? The CIA recruited Noriega in the late 60's and supported the strongman until 1987.

Will Panamanians ever get justice? Not from the "Just Us" crowd.