Friday, May 7, 2010

Harmony by Suppression

Consider the following comments:

"The people understand more that splittism brings misfortune and ethnic unity brings happiness."- Hao Peng, the Chinese vice governor of Tibet

"So far, in order to develop harmony, the main method is suppression!"
-The Dalai Lama

This tension plays out in fractal like fashion throughout the globe. One man's cultural good is another's oppression.

Unified happiness cannot be achieved squeezing the breath out large groups of people. The problem looms larger when those pushing controlled happiness have no clue as to the causes of suffering.

So many seem incapable of being in functional relationship with their brother and sisters. This applies to world, political and business leaders. One has to wonder, what's the aim? Is it to destroy the other, to profit excessively, to garner goods at the cheapest cost regardless of risk to others or the earth? How much is enough?

For this generation of mean & greedy leaders, it's never enough.