Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bank Branches in Iran to Stem WWIII

The International Harry Schultz Letter, a highly respected investment newsletter, had an odd reference in a recent edition. MarketWatch reported:

I’m happy to announce the end of World War 3. The Iran war, which triggered World War Three, planned by the Pentagon and Mossad, has ended, actually before they began. It’s a first in history!

“How do I know this? Follow the money, not the propaganda. Four US banks are to open branches in Iran!...Citibank and Goldman Sachs are among the first applicants! Since Goldman Sachs is the alternate, or behind the scenes US government, as we all know, that name/news assured me of the good news.”

Who does Goldman Sachs apply to? Is that Ahmadinejad, the man decrying capitalism at the United Nations? Why would he let in a Trojan Horse?

Is it the U.S. State Department or another global mechanism that will run Iran post pummeling? Hopefully, Mr. Schultz will clear this up in his next letter.

America has a record of waging war on behalf of U.S. branded multinationals. Iran knows this well. It was President Eisenhower's biggest regret.

(Thanks to Economic Policy Journal)