Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Signs Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks Are for Show

Haaretz reported:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu countered a controversial United Nations address by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Tuesday, rejecting Lieberman's views on a possible land swap and asserting his belief that Israel and Palestinians could reach a peace deal within a year. 
The Israeli government looked as divided as the Palestinians (Fatah-Hamas).  The U.S. response brought to mind Donald Rumsfeld "unknown unknowns."

State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley, referring to the possibility the Israeli prime minister and defense minister are at odds concerning the ongoing direct peace talks with the PA, said: "Maybe there are divergent vision between the Prime Minister and the Foreign minister, I'll defer to the Israeli government to explain the difference. I will let the Israeli government comment on whether it reflects the views of the Israeli government."

When things get dicey and the parties look as if they might walk away, change the peace sponsor:
The Prime Minister's Office added that the premier (Netanyahu) also accepted (French President) Sarkozy's invitation to a peace summit to be held in Paris during the coming October, which would also be attended by Abbas. 

An aim could be to keep the parties at the table when conflict with Iran begins.  Israel wielded major carrots for neighbors during their last two wars.  Might it do so again?