Saturday, November 19, 2011

Libyan Justice for Gadhafi's Kid

Reuters reported the capture of Muammar Gadhafi's son, Saif al-Islam, and the quandary of bringing him to justice:

Saif may know a lot of secrets that could damage the reputations of some in the NTC and the West.
For this reason Saif will end up like Manuel Noriega, shuttled from jail to jail, or like Saddam Hussein, broken, secluded and eventually executed.  Western businessmen and their purchased politicians plotted with the Gadhafi's on access to Libya's billions in cash and oil resources.  Those stories must remain untold.  America's Government-Corporate Monstrosity will not tolerate having the curtain pulled.

It also won't put up with any American Spring.  There will be no Tafir Square on public or private U.S. land.  America's free speech doesn't include what Egyptians staked out under U.S. backed strongman Hosni Mubarek (now under threat from the ruling army).

Saif Gadhafi's free speech days are over.  The question is how long he lives, after he is broken.

Update 3-23-14:  As for why the U.S. took down Gadhafi, the meme of an African Union with its own currency keeps rearing its head.