Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ehud Barak's War Framing

Haaretz reported:

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak suggested that the Libyan conflict could have taken a different course if Muammar Gadhafi had declared at the outset that "he has three or four nuclear devices."
Gadhafi gave up his nuclear aspirations in return for legitimacy from the West.  Gadhafi hired D.C. based lobbying firms, while money men courted Libya's cheap oil and billions for investing.  Western politicians like Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson freed the Lockerbie bomber in return for oil deals.

So what is Barak trying to do with his fiction?  He's saying Iranians won't have their Persian Spring if Iran gets a handful of nuclear devices.  When he wasn't joking about female soldiers singing, Barak went on to say the clock is ticking.

Earlier this month, Barak said that an Israeli attack on Iran was not imminent. He has also said there were several months left in which to decide on such action.
For those keeping track of the PNAC score, here it is:

Iraq - check
Libya - check
Syria - in process
Iran - up next
North Korea - nobody wants it, no oil.

Gaza is back on Israel's radar.  They did discover oil and gas offshore.