Friday, February 13, 2009

Freedom to Lose Weapons in Afghanistan

American supplied weapons to the Afghan military are at serious risk for theft or loss. A General Accounting Office report stated:

US military officials failed to keep proper records on about 87,000 rifles, pistols, mortars and other weapons sent to Afghanistan between December 2004 and June 2008 - about a third of all the weapons sent.

There was a similar lack of management of a further 135,000 light weapons donated to Afghan forces via the US military by 21 countries.

The military failed even to record the serial numbers of some 46,000 weapons, making it impossible to confirm receipt of weapons or identify any which had fallen into the hands of militants.

The serial numbers of 41,000 weapons were recorded, but US military officials still had no idea where they were.

Poor quality imploded Wall Street, killed people undergoing heart procedures, and sickened people enjoying a peanut butter cracker. It enables America's enemies to return fire with taxpayer funded weapons. Will they ever learn?