Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama's Missing Iranian Envoy

President Obama speaks of direct talks with Iran, but is he serious? Dennis Ross, his special advisor on Iran, is a war mongering neocon. Ross spilled the beans about his critical role. The Obama team hasn't said a peep.

With no Iranian envoy, how can diplomacy advance? Rep. Howard Berman said negotiations would have a short window, twelve weeks. If things went rapidly, diplomacy would end in summer. How does that impact the Iranian nuclear timeline?

Russia said the Bushehr nuclear plant would start up in 2009. This is a push back from late 2008. Russia also agreed to take Iran's spent nuclear fuel. However, Jerusalem doesn't trust this agreement. An attack would need to occur before Iran gets advanced Russian missile defense systems.

A former Israeli United Nations representative said his country is ready to strike Iran. The Sydney Morning Herald reported:

A FORMER senior Israeli diplomat has warned that Israel is ready to launch a military offensive against Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons.

In an exclusive interview, Dan Gillerman, Israel's permanent United Nations representative from 2003 until last September, said the time for diplomatic efforts to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear capability might already have expired.

"The world cannot afford to live with a nuclear Iran," he said. "I hope diplomacy will work, but I'm not sure we have the time for [it] to work.

"Israel has made it very clear that it will not live with a nuclear Iran, and I believe that Israel has the ability and the capacity to make sure that it will not happen."

Why would Obama name an Iranian envoy if Israel is ready to strike? It explains having a neocon adviser. More bait and switch from team Obama. And there will more wars, my friend.