Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama's CitiBank Ambassador to UK?

One might expect a CitiBank Vice Chairman to hang his head in shame. Governance practices rooted in greed and leverage imploded the global financial system. CitiBank is a prime offender.
Instead Louis Susman prepares for possible knighthood, as the leading candidate for Obama's ambassador to the United Kingdom. The Belfast Telegraph reported:

If appointed, the 71-year-old Wall Street veteran, who retired as vice-chairman of Citigroup Capital Markets on 1 February, would be handed the keys to the ambassador’s grace and favour mansion in Regent’s Park.

Mr Susman would be replacing Robert Tuttle, who was sent to London by George Bush, for whom he raised $200,000. As one of Mr Obama’s most significant fundraisers since well before his presidential bid, Mr Susman has amassed more than $800,000.

Who knew bundling could make a Sir Susman? Corporafornication continues.