Thursday, January 21, 2010

Corporate Freedom Flies!

The Helicopter Association International is fired up over today's Supreme Court ruling. Their website said:

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday, January 21 that corporations may spend freely to support or oppose candidates in federal elections, finally rendering a decision in a long-awaited case.

The Supreme Court Justices ruled that corporations may use money from their general treasuries to pay for campaign ads.

Corporations jettisoned their aim to provide good American jobs, now they can pollute the election airwaves with twisted campaign ads.

These corporations regularly settle with government attorneys for millions in fines, while admitting no guilt. CEO's testify before Congress that nothing is their fault, not even something they specifically ordered that later went bad. These corporations drive Caterpillar trucks through huge tax loopholes, provided by the same Congress.

Of course, not all corporations are bad, but the law doesn't discriminate. Corporations are free to further taint America's distorted election process.

The image above is from The Spider and the Fly. Here is a line from the nursery rhyme, where the trickster spider entices the fly:

"You foods will never wisdom get unless you dearly buy."
America's trickster Supreme Court greased the skids for corporate ad buys. Recall what an esteemed executive recently said about corporate leadership this past decade. GE CEO Jeff Immelt spoke of corporate meanness and greed, now free to buy campaign ads.