Sunday, January 10, 2010

U.S. Sanction Threat on Israeli Settlements

U.S. Envoy George Mitchell mentioned the "s" word, sanctions, in regard to Israel's continued settlement expansion. At stake are billions in U.S. backed loan guarantees.

The threat did not go over well in Israel. Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman, currently visiting the Jewish State, would have none of it. Reuters reported:

Speaking to reporters in Jerusalem, visiting U.S. Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain rejected Mitchell's remarks.

"Any attempt to pressure Israel, to force Israel, to the negotiating table by denying Israel support will not pass the Congress of the United States," said Lieberman, an independent.

Republican Senator McCain, who lost the 2008 presidential election to Obama, added: "We disagree, obviously, with that comment and I am sure that you will see the administration in the future say that is certainly not the administration's policy."

My research showed a ten year hollow effort on restraining settlements. Reuters mentioned President George H.W. Bush's imposing sanctions in 1991 on this issue. Ignoring expansion is a multi-decade, multi-party phenomena.

As for the latest McCain world tour, did he return to the Qadhafi Ranch in Libya? John tweeted from the Libyan strongman's ranch last August. A week later the Pan Am Lockerbie bomber was released from jail. John visited, crap happened. What might happen with Israel in the next seven days?

Update: Israel announced building 1,600 settlement homes while Vice President Joe Biden visited the Jewish state. It makes wonderful political theater. Proud Israel shows its independent side, while America imitates an abused spouse. Israel realizes it acted rashly and called to apologize.

Only, this too could be an act in a well choreographed play. This dis' sets up Israel to pummel Iran and for America to contain any blowback. There is no space between America and Israel, other than the space between their lines on the page. Read 'em and weep.