Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sarkozy Warns Israel May Strike Iran

French President Nicholas Sarkozy warned of a possible Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, due to continued intransigence. Al-Hayat reported via Haaretz:

"Despite all our efforts, and a new engagement by the United States, and despite our ambitious proposals for cooperation, the Iranian authorities are blocked in a one-way street of proliferation and radicalism," Sarkozy said.

Iran ignored a 2009 deadline from the U.S., which offered a different reaction. The State Department, busy with Haiti, called Iran's response inadequate.

Sarkozy, like his American counterparts, sided with Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was busy denying his country would attack Hezbollah in Lebanon for the second time in four years. The language of war is exclusive, repetitive and incessant. It's a cycle worth breaking.