Friday, October 8, 2010

General James L. Jones Resigns

President Obama's National Security Adviser is stepping down.  General James L. Jones approved Israel's pummeling of Gaza in December 2008.  He and Hillary Clinton gave the thumb's up, according to Tony Blair (Haaretz).

Jones held an official position as Special Envoy to the region.  Despite his unsworn Secretary of State giving the go ahead, President elect Obama stayed silent through the month long bombing, .

Will General Jones return to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where he crafted plans for U.S. military might to secure the world's oil fields?  Will he pull a Peter Pace and sell his services to multiple high bidders?  Will he become a Mike McConnell, selling threats only his employer (Booz Allen Hamilton) can address?  Will he splatter the airwaves with blather, like Fran Townsend on CNN?

The best stories remain untold.  Rest assured Tony Blair and Tom Daschle didn't reveal the Democratixx in their recent books.  It's the story of influence peddling, power and greed.  General Jones reenters the accumulation race.  What's his next step?  Follow the greenback.