Saturday, October 2, 2010

Haaretz: Strange Day

It was a strange day on Israeli newspaper Haaretz.  Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's pleading with Palestinian leaders to remain at the bargaining table was no surprise. Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas said no negotiations without settlement curbs.

The odor grew with another Rahm Emanuel dead fish story.  Will this one end up in an EPA guarded landfill along the Gulf Coast?

What shocked me was the dismissal of CNN's Rick Sanchez for anti-Semitic remarks.  The last time I heard Rick he challenged Stephen Colbert to do his anchor job, in return for another ride on a Taser at Colbert's "Keep Fear Alive" event.

It brings to mind Ozzy Osborne, the subject of the final story on Haaretz.  Ozzie didn't play in Israel for years, not because he's an anti-Semite, but because he was too drunk.  Today's odd stories call into question humanity's sobriety.