Thursday, October 7, 2010

P.J. Crowley's Triple Track for Peace

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley cited a multi-pronged Middle East peace negotiation.  It would have an Israel-Palestine (Fatah) track, an Israel-Syria track and an Israel-Lebanon track.  Israel's other borders with Egypt and Jordan are quiet.

The U.S. called on the Arab League to remain patient with their peace deal, on the table since 2002.  Israel needs time to milk the U.S.  Haaretz reported:

Israel's envoy to the United States Michael Oren provided the first official confirmation of the possibility of a forming deal, saying the "administration has come back to Israel with a number of suggestions - incentives if you would - that would enable the government to maybe pass a limited extension of 2 or 3 months."
Israel's peace intentions rise in conjunction with making war in the region. They want one war at a time.  Multiple enemies on numerous fronts won't do. What did the Obama administration use to incentivize Israel to "maybe pass" a few month freeze?  The White House isn't saying.

Update 10-8-10  The Jerusalem Post said the White House offered Israel a continued military presence in the Jordan Valley as an incentive.