Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bush's Corporatist Agenda Trumps Democracy

Burma sentenced fourteen democracy activists to 65 years in prison for forming an illegal organization and illegally using electronic media. Twenty more members of "88 Generation" face sentences up to 150 years for their crimes.

While President Bush took action against the personal assets of the ruling Burmese military junta, he didn't shut off the flow of millions from a Total-Chevron natural gas field. Condi Rice served on the Chevron board of directors prior to joining the Bush administration as head of the National Security Agency. Rice later became Secretary of State.

Israeli newspapers reported President elect Barack Obama could make a similar appointment. General James Jones has been mentioned as a NSA candidate. He currently is a Middle East special envoy and serves on the board of Chevron. Today's WSJ mentioned his candidacy.

The future remains to be seen, but the present is very painful for Burmese democracy activists. Chevron had a record quarterly profit.