Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fine Wine & Cheese Middle East Peace Plan

Israeli President Shimon Peres gushed over the Arab League Peace plan at the recent Saudi inspired UN Interfaith gathering. Apparently peace plans grow more desirable as they age. The Arab League first offered the plan in 2002. They blew the dust off last year by reiterating the proposal.

"These expressions in the Arab peace initiative are inspirational and promising - a serious opening for real progress," President Peres said. "We cannot change the past," he said. "However, we can shape our future."

Haaretz noted President Obama's support for the Arab League initiative.

A senior adviser quoted Obama as telling Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: "The Israelis would be crazy not to accept this initiative. It would give them peace with the Muslim world from Indonesia to Morocco."

Guess what was on the same page? A piece titled, "U.S. study urges Obama to press Israel over nuclear program." It said:

The Institute for Science and International Security, headed by David Albright, one the world's top experts on nuclear weapons and the prevention of nuclear proliferation, recently released its report urging president-elect Barack Obama to take a number of measures to avoid such an outcome, including convincing Israel to halt production of its nuclear weapons.

From today's Haaretz, a reader could conclude Barack Obama implied Israeli's are crazy as the plan languished for six years. They could decide Obama wants to take away Israel's overwhelming defense capabilities, even their Sampson option.

Why are Israeli newspapers painting Obama as pro-Arab, as weak on challenging Iran? The man hasn't taken office yet. Is there another agenda?