Friday, November 21, 2008

Private Jet Set in Denver vs. Washington

Can you tell the difference between the pictures above? The top picture are private jets landing in Denver for the Democratic National Convention. The bottom is an auto executive's jet, flown into Washington, D.C. for Congressional bailout hearings.

My question is, did Rep. Brad Sherman ride a private jet to the DNC? If so, did he pay for it using donor money? Were his donors aware of the lifestyle to which so many of our politicians have become accustomed?

If not, Rep. Sherman needs to castigate his big money peers. Surely, some of those DNC Congressmen flew private to their "populist party." How many, other than John Kerry took a private jet? Brad wasn't the only Congressman making those big auto execs squirm. Enough leaders ground their guests into the sidewalk, such that it looked like an orchestrated theme. The question is who they want to pay, corporate chiefs or labor unions? As they move toward a deal, the details will point to the target of their hypocritical shoe grinding.