Saturday, November 8, 2008

Israeli War Moves on Middle East Chessboard

This week saw two big announcements from an Israeli government in transition. First, Israeli-Palestinian peace is dead for the rest of the year. An agreement will not be reached in 2008. This might be understandable given upcoming elections in Israel. Yet, talks remain vibrant and vital.

However, the second is more sinister. A government, that can't plan for peace, can plan for more war. All options remain on the table in regard to an Iranian nuclear threat, but there's more. The Jerusalem Post reported:

In any future conflict with Hizbullah, Israel will likely cite the Shi'ite group's increasing influence within the Lebanese cabinet as a legitimate reason to target Lebanon's entire infrastructure, government sources said.

Lebanon's entire infrastructure? George W. Bush said democracies don't attack other democracies. Fiction, yet again.