Monday, February 4, 2008

Bring it On! For What?

"President Bush says that Al-Qa'ida's war is against American freedom and democracy while Al-Qa'ida and Taliban say that the U.S. war on terrorism is actually a war against Islam. On the other hand, nationalist forces think the aim of the current war is the genocide of the Pashtun (ethnic Afghan) people. These are the ideological foundations of the present crisis (in Pakistan)," says Khadim Hussain Amir, a political analyst and professor at Bahria University in Islamabad.

War with end, at least it sounds like a precription for it. The professor went on to say:

"In my view this war is against the people and their resources just to promote capitalist interests. Militancy and militarism both end in the large scale sufferings of the already marginalized people"

Guess who bears the brunt of this idealogical impasse? Once again, it is the common citizen, the little person, the voter, the shareholder...