Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Innocents Kick Your Innocents' Ass!

In the world of foreign relations, the strangest things are said. Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni said Israel rejected condemnations and arguments that there were casualties on both sides of the fence, saying "there is no moral equivalence between terrorists and those fighting them, even if during those actions innocent civilians are accidentally killed." Now I know Israeli innocents have much more value than Palestinian innocents, who don't even deserve clean water. Israel even warned of perpetrating a Gaza holocaust and re-invading the Gaza Strip.

Tonight I heard an American diplomat speak about the situation in Venezuela. Mr. Thomas Dodd failed to mention Hugo Chavez was elected more than once via democratic processes. He did mention the failure of Huge Ego Chavez's last referendum (a sign that democracy remains alive), but another omission spoke volumes. In 2002 a coup attempt tried to supplant Hugo from his Presidential position. The United States backed the coup effort. If the ambassador's aim was to educate American college students on the situation in Venezuela, why would this important detail not get mentioned? It turns out this isn't George W.'s only coup.