Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Karl's Klown Election Parade

Karl Rove, master political strategist, had this to say about elections during a recent interview.

"Campaigns are not contests in which people are easily fooled. Where some phoney ad, or contrived presentation, wins the day," said Rove. "At the end of the parade, they see you as you are."

What a bunch of hooey! Karl knows very well how people are easily led. Campaigns are absolutely contrived, driven by citizen swallowing sound bites like "no new taxes" or the centuries old "change" mantra. Will John McCain say the top marginal tax rate during WWI, WWII and Vietnam was 77% or greater? No, that would be political suicide.

I offer a different analogy, campaigns are like dating, years of governance is the marriage. This brings us back to Karl's prognostications. At the end of a seven year parade in office, might the people see a leader as they are? Of course not, history is yet to judge. But we do know, President Bush quit listening to us, at least 70% or so.