Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Freedom to Follow Headlines to Disturbing End

A perusal of today's headlines in the Jerusalem Post could lead one to disturbing conclusions. The first story dealt with public opinion in the Middle East's foremost democracy. The headline read:

90% say Israel tainted with corruption

The first sentence stated, "Ninety percent of the Israeli public thinks that the country is tainted with corruption and over half say that corruptibility is a necessary prerequisite to success in the political sphere".

Remember, this evaluation comes not from Israel's enemies, but from the public being served by the democratic government. The next story dealt with the best friend of this nation governed by corrupt leaders. One could conclude the best friend to be corrupt, as they remain loyal to an ethically challenged government.

Current U.S. government beneficial to Israel

In a speech to his cabinet of corruptly viewed leaders, Israel P.M. Olmert implored them to take advantage of the time left under the Bush administration. He said, "One thing is certain: this administration is especially friendly, we cannot miss taking advantage of this opportunity. Therefore the element of time holds special importance. We must not lose this."

So what do the corrupt pair of Israel and America have in mind during this short window? Well, it seems they need to reign in another country that is untrustworthy.

Bush in Europe: 'Iran can't be trusted with nuclear enrichment'

Well, if Bush said it, the world knows it was pronounced "nukular". Enunciation aside, headlines indicate corrupt Israel and complicit America don't trust the wacky Iranians and their purported peaceful nuclear program. Therefore, "all options remain" on the table for dealing with the threat.

House Security Adviser Stephen Hadley shared strategy number 1 involves finding a way for all Iranians to learn about the proposal. What? While Iraqi and American citizens can't find out the details in the long term security agreement being negotiated, all Iranian citizens could know about their offer? Hadley said:

"On the one hand, there is a way out for the Iranian people. On the other hand, as the president said, if they do not take it, then the Iranian people need to understand that the choice their regime is making is going to result in increasing isolation of the Iranian regime and, regrettably, the Iranian people as well."

Iranian citizens will have been forewarned by corrupt and complicit governments. Iranians, please don't take it personally. Israeli and American leaders ignore their people's wishes as well...