Monday, June 9, 2008

Johnson Experienced at VP Selection Process

James A. Johnson, the man Barack Obama asked to chair his Vice Presidential search committee, helped tap Senator John Edwards as the 2004 Vice Presidential candidate. The New York Times reported Edwards performance before an influential group of international government and business leaders helped seal the deal. The North Carolina Senator beat the stuffing out of Ralph Reed at the 2004 Bilderberg Group meeting.

In a deja vu scene worthy of The Matrix, James A. Johnson spent the weekend in Chantilly, Virginia with the same Bilderberg Group. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are rumored to have "dropped by". Did Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell do likewise?

As a Matrix deja vu reveals a glitch in the program, guess who else attended the adult version of Skull & Bones, a society sworn to secrecy? Paul Gigot, the editor of The Wall Street Journal's editorial page, was a Bilderberg participant. That same newspaper revealed Mr. Johnson to be the recipient of $7 million in below market loans from subprime mortgage lender Countrywide. They did so while both men sat in Chantilly chairs, likely dining on Bilderburgers made of filet mignon.

Anyway, the meeting ended June 8 and James went back to work on Barack's behalf. He hit Capital Hill, meeting with Senator Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelo-Chia-Pet. While neither officially Bilderberged, Harry's Democratic predecessor Tom Daschle did. It was truly a money grubbing, bi-partisan affair.