Thursday, June 5, 2008

Unpopular, Ethically Challenged, Heavy Handed Leaders Plot on Iran

U.S. President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert met in the Oval Office "to spend a lot of time talking about Iran." At least Bush noted that in his opening remarks. While CBS News reported on Bush's record unpopularity, now lower than Jimmy Carter's, Haaretz gave the cash envelope taking Olmert's take on their long discussion.

"With every day that passes, we are getting closer to stopping Iran's nuclear program," he said, adding that substantial steps were being taken to handle the Iranian threat in "a more effective manner."

Olmert added that, as a result of the hour-long meeting with Bush, there were fewer question marks between the two allies concerning the means, the time constraints, and the level of American determination in dealing with the Iranian nuclear program.

"Naturally the Iranian issue was central to our talks, and our shared point of departure is the need to deal with Iran before it manages to acquire non-conventional capabilities," Olmert told reporters

"Before it acquires" is critical as Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency estimates Iran will make advancement's in 2008 and could have an operational weapon in 2009. That means the dynamic duo of Olmert and Bush must act fast. Whatever they do, it's guaranteed to harm innocents, profit their supporters, and make the world a more dangerous place.

Why can't Bush, Olmert and Ahmadinejad fight amongst themselves and leave the rest of us out. Cage match anyone?