Sunday, June 1, 2008

U.S. Won't Violate Sovereignty to Save Lives

Why would U.S. Defense Department Chief Robert Gates use sovereignty as an excuse for not helping scores of people suffering in the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster when it violates that same sovereignty to summarily execute suspected terrorists? CNN reported:

Gates affirmed again there is unanimous opposition in the international community to forcing aid to the Myanmar people suffering in the wake of the devastating cyclone that struck in early May.

There is great sensitivity all over the world to violating a country's sovereignty," Gates said. "Particularly in the absence of some kind of U.N. umbrella that would authorize it."

Did the United Nations offer an umbrella for the U.S. Predator missiles to repeatedly strike homes in Pakistan? Consider this story from the GuardianUK:

An al-Qaeda trainer and explosives specialist involved in a range of European terrorist networks has been killed in Pakistan, the latest senior militant to die in a spate of controversial American missile strikes. Al-Jazairi, thought to have been 45, died along with at least 15 others (including women and children) when the house in which he was staying in Pakistan's Bajaur tribal district was hit by a missile fired from a Predator, an American pilotless drone.

Yes, America will violate your sovereignty to kill, but not to save.