Friday, June 13, 2008

A Visit to Open & Compassionate America

While visiting Europe, U..S. President George W. Bush told Italian exchange students America is compassionate, open and entrepreneurial. He noted the problem is "you have to visit to find out." And how might that work, Mr. President?

First, a student would have to get a travel visa approved. Should they fly on an entrepreneurial U.S. American airline, students would need to pay $15 per checked bag. After forking over another $2 for a soda and $5 for a snack, they can relax in anticipation of that compassionate, open welcome which includes Uncle Sam wanting a souvenir fingerprint, palm print and retinal scan.

If the student happens to be of Muslim faith, be careful where you point your camera! And those phone calls and e-mails to home are, of course, international and subject to secret collection and review. So y'all come visit, ya here! And pay no attention to the cavity search...