Thursday, July 24, 2008

Freedom's Forces Plot in D.C.

The head of Israel's Defense Forces met yesterday with Vice President Dick Cheney and U.S. State Department officials. Was Paul Wolfowitz in on the meeting? If so, it might have an eerie pre-Iraq invasion feel to it. But this time, there are no plans to invade and occupy, a surgical strike should be sufficient.

Today, General Ashkenazi meets with Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen. The Israeli military chief "commented to journalists that he was pleased with the meetings' progress and was eagerly anticipating his session with Admiral Mullen. His goal had been to expand operational inclusion and to intensify the dialogue between the Israeli and American militaries. He indicated that he has been pleased with the results thus far."

The meetings included sessions with key members of Congression and leaders of the Pro-Israel lobbying group, AIPAC. Along for the ride was the head of the Strategic Department in the IDF Planning Branch.

Meanwhile Iraq surge architect, Fred Kagan, called for an Israeli strike on Iran's military facilities. He joins numerous other neo-cons in calling for a pre-emptive strike:

Richard Perle
John Bolton
Max Boot
Bill Kristol
Norman Podhoretz
Fred Kagan
Jmaes Woolsey

The religious right is clearly on board:

Pastor Hagee
Rev. Robertson

In place to make it happen:

Dick Cheney, VP
John Negroponte, State Department
Paul Wolfowitz, State Department
Paula Dobriansky, State Department
Gen. David Petraeus, CentCom
Adm. Mullen, Chair Joint Chiefs
Eliott Abrams, Deputy National Security Adviser

Loyalists On Bush’s Intelligence Oversight Board:

Frances Townsend
Peter Pace

On Pentagon Defense Contracting Oversight Board:

Dov. S. Zakheim

The chess pieces are in play against Iran, as shown by the IDF General's visit, culminating with a medal. With Iran pulling out of the IAEA investation in a Saddmish move, how long before Bush, Olmert and company can say "check"?