Monday, July 21, 2008

Stories Too Hot for ThinkProgress?

One might expect a progressive website to pick up on the smorgasbord of juicy morsels offered by powerful conservatives the last few days. Sure, the folks at ThinkProgress were busy at the NetRoots Nation meeting in Austin. But consider some of the fish they let off the hook:

Ex-White House economic adviser Al Hubbard saying spoiled Americans gorge on "medical caviar"

Rev. Pat Robertson preaching Israel has "no choice but to attack Iran's nuclear enrichment facilities", likely before election day. (Update: Amanda Terkel is pouring through tape to confirm what I heard this morning, so this story could soon be posted)

The Honorable Peter G. Peterson's $1 billion foundation (designed to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid) awarded grants allowing American CEO's to reform health care and teach college kids about shared sacrifice. (Not on the curriculum, the preferred tax status of private equity underwriters like Mr. Peterson, something he doesn't want to sacrifice.)

House Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats caucus around the banner of deficit reduction. Pete Peterson attended their first joint session. Did the topic of carried interest come up?

Of course, the TP crew could be hungover from partying in Austin with all its great bars and restaurants. They offered only one post yesterday, likely filled with return travel. While they cranked out the volume today, consider the riveting topics:

O’Reilly Attacks Gore For Attending Netroots Nation: ‘The Same As If He Stepped Into The Klan Gathering’

Bush: ‘I do know about YouTube.’

Hannity scores $100 million contract.

‘The Most Trusted Name In News’ Surrenders Its Full 9 PM Hour To Beck Tonight

During a segment on education, Fox News misspells the word ‘education.’

Graham jokingly compares McCain’s bird watching talks to interrogations at Gitmo.

Who has your back? It looks like you may be on your own, given our two parties collaboration with the government-industrial monstrosity, Eisenhower's military-industrial complex on steroids.