Saturday, March 25, 2023

Rewriting the Insanity

The Insane Reds are putting on a full court press to persuade Americans that they are just Red, i.e. not Insane.

House Republicans can be seen as working steadily but intently to distort the facts of the deadly riot, which played out for the world to see when Donald Trump's supporters laid siege to the Capitol, and in the process downplay the risk of domestic extremism in the U.S.

The NY Post issued a warning about the dangers of Donald Trump in an editorial.

“Time and time again, Trump’s responses have been unhinged ... and self-defeating,” it continued, adding that “Trump is not trying to make America a better place” but just seeking “revenge.”
The AP reported on Trump's rally this evening in Waco, Texas where the government took on David Koresh's Branch Davidian cult.

...Trump has berated prosecutors, encouraged protests and raised the prospect of possible violence should he become the first former president in U.S. history to face criminal charges. Some of his recent rhetoric has echoed language he used before the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection at the U.S. Capitol by a mob of his supporters seeking to stop the transfer of power...

“What kind of person can charge another person, in this case a former President of the United States ... and leading candidate (by far!) for the Republican Party nomination, with a Crime, when it is known by all that NO Crime has been committed, & also known that potential death & destruction in such a false charge could be catastrophic for our Country?” 
What kind of person uses blatant lies to incite an insurrection on a fully occupied U.S. Capital and insult the appearance of the people who answered his call for violence?  

Trump’s political machine raked in at least $50 million in the six months that followed the Jan. 6 Capitol riot
Trump will be judged for his self centered, self absorbed actions which continue to harm our country.  

Law has no bearing on his decisions.  It is hard to discern Christian teachings in his behavior.  But Trump clearly knows how to manipulate people, especially conservative Christians.  If judgement doesn't occur on this plane it will occur.  He and the Insane Reds have much for which to atone.

Many independent voters want a Trump-less ballot in 2024.  Please Lord, make a way for that to happen. 

Update 3-26-23:  Trump's dangerous "lie filled" rhetoric could easily incite more violence.

Update 4-29-23:  Trump sought out a QANUT follower who believes every member of Congress who voted to certify the 2020 election should be executed. 

Update 6-18-23:  The insanity of Jan. 6th is almost rewritten.  It's the Insane Red Team version of events.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Narcissist Text Messages Reported

Narcissist Text Messages reported former President Donald Trump wants everyone to save him. Six people showed up the other day at the Manhattan District Attorney's office in support of the QANut in Chief.

Friday, March 10, 2023

Insane Reds Planning for Default

 Insider reported:

As the US creeps ever closer to a devastating debt default, which would immediately spiral the country and likely the world into a financial crisis, Republicans aren't preparing to negotiate — they're preparing emergency measures.

The plan to deal with a U.S. government default is actually called the "Default Prevention Act."  In practice it is the "Default Implementation Act." 

Can independent voters get some sane, non-jerk  adults in Washington D.C.? 

Update 3-13-23:  Default should go over real well after three bank failures in the last week.

Update 4-3-23:  "A new Republican majority in the House is itching for a spending showdown, and determined not to yield."  The clown car is loaded and soon may spill America's debt rating all over the highway. 

Update 4-19-23:   There are a few sane, non-jerk adults in the House as 32 Republicans and 32 Democrats "called for suspending the debt ceiling through Dec. 31, 2023, and proceeding with the typical budget and appropriations cycle to remove immediate pressure of defaulting on our national debt." 

Update 5-3-23:  It's sad we have to go through this nonsense yet again.  Financial consequences could be catastrophic. 

Update 5-7-23:  Red Team Senator Mitt Romney suggested it is time to get to work on passing debt increase legislation.  That requires bipartisanship which neither party seems interested in.

Update 5-14-23:   Virtually all business leaders and most citizens want the U.S. not to default on its obligations.  What's different this time?  Titular head of the Insane Reds and chaos agent Donald Trump wants to "try it."  As usual elected officials will ignore widespread public opinion so they can play "I win/ you lose."

Update 5-20-23:  Trump said Insane Reds should get everything they want in order to vote to raise debt ceiling.  During the Trump administration Congressional Republicans voted multiple times to lift the debt ceiling without spending cuts.  "Do as I say not as I did."

Update 5-21-23:  Red Team Rep. Jodey Arrington neglected to reveal how many times he voted for a debt increase under the Trump presidency as he spouted nonsense on a ABC's This Morning.  The Insane Reds' titular leader wants a default.  Donald Trump is a nasty person, ethically and morally bankrupt.

Update 5-25-23:  Insane Red Team Rep. Matt Gaetz lauded his party holding the U.S. economy "hostage" over debt ceiling negotiations.  Lawmakers plan to leave town without a deal.  Fitch and DBRS placed the U.S. on a negative credit watch.  Despite these developments Wharton Professor Jeremy Siegel says there is zero chance of default.  Trump wants to "try it" in another one of his "burn it down" moves.  Insane Red Kevin McCarthy blamed the Blue Lucys for not passing a debt ceiling increase before he came into power as House Speaker.  Cracker Barbie Marjorie Taylor Greene said Americans don't care about missing a Social Security check.  She said the Insane Reds aren't sweating the least bit.

Update 5-27-23:  Warren Buffett warned that not raising the debt ceiling might be Congress' most idiotic move ever.

Update 5-28-23:  With a new deadline of June 5th the Biden-McCarthy negotiating team reached a deal.  Congress has to pass it and send it to the White House. 

Update 8-3-23:  Fitch ratings downgraded U.S. debt to AA+ from AAA.  The next government shutdown could occur at the end of September as Congress plans to take a month off and not return until after Labor Day. 

Update 9-13-23:  A former House leader has advice for those pushing a government shutdown.