Monday, December 26, 2022

Insane Red's George Santos is Blatant Fraudster

Rep. elect George Santos (Red Team-New York) said he graduated from college, worked at several storied Wall Street firms, owned thirteen properties and was Jewish.  None of it is true.  Zero.

Santos called it "resume embellishment" but it might as well be "political puffery." His handlers knew Santos was selling bullshit.

Senior House Republicans were apparently aware of the inaccuracies and embellishments in the Rep.-elect’s resume, and the topic became a “running joke,” multiple insiders close to House GOP leadership told The Post over the weekend.

“As far as questions about George in general, that was always something that was brought up whenever we talked about this race,” said one senior GOP leadership aide. “It was a running joke at a certain point. This is the second time he’s run and these issues we assumed would be worked out by the voters.

Worked out by voters?  Did not Senior House Republicans have a duty to inform the electorate of Santos' lies?  Worse, the NRCC helped perpetrate his fraud on the public.

Will the Insane Red Team seat this fraudster?  Of course they will.  

This is grotesque, just like the PEU greed that pervades our hallowed halls of government.  Who better to support false PEU asset values than a Congressman elect with a completely fabricated personal history?

This story shows the arrogance of the Insane Reds and their contempt for the U.S. voter.  Rest assured independent voters were conned by this shape shifting power seeker.  They should sue the NRCC for fraud, that is an American vote has any intrinsic value.

Update 12-27-22:  The NRCC scrubbed Santos bio.  He blamed the elite media for his lies.  It's the Insane Red Team.  

The Forward reported on the man who now says he is "Jew-ish.": a position paper shared with Jewish and pro-Israel leaders during the campaign and obtained by the Forward, Santos called himself “a proud American Jew.” 

In the two-page document that the Santos campaign shared earlier this year with pro-Israel groups, including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Santos also claimed to “have been to Israel numerous times from educational, business, and leisurely trips.” A brief search of his social media accounts found no images or documentation of his alleged trips to Israel.

It's more than bad form.  It's fraudulent.   Santos is no longer welcome at any Republican Jewish Coalition events.

Update 1-1-23:  Rep. Kevin Brady (Red Team- TX) said:

Santos could be forgiven by the GOP for owning up to the false statements and that it wasn’t up to the party to punish Santos.

The party is complicit in perpetrating the fraud.  It's up to the Red Team to admit their creation and sponsorship of a political fraud.   

Update 1-4-23:  Politico reported last week:’s been crickets. The NYT and CNN this week reached out to leadership offices and the NRCC for comment. There were no responses.

Santos had a lonely day in a crowded House chamber yesterday. 

His new office was once occupied by N.Y. Rep. Chris Collins who was convicted of insider trading in early 2020.   A Trump pardon got Collins out of jail.  A House staffer called the situation like "being in a cartoon."

Update 1-5-23:  Even Santos housing picture is unclear.  Is the new Congressman elect a millionaire or a deadbeat renter?  I hope he actually lives in his House District.

New York Rep-elect George Santos reportedly does not appear to have an office or staff in his district. 

Update 1-6-23:  It appears voters will not get information from Insane Red Team leaders as to how the George Santos fraud was perpetrated.

Update 1-8-23:  Santos is a fraud and worked for a ponzi scheme.  He's the perfect elected official to reveal our ethically broken Congress.  Institutional Risk Analyst reported:

The question is how state and federal regulators, as well as elected officials in both political parties, did not see that the entire construct of crypto currency was at best a form of money laundering and at worse outright fraud.

Update 1-14-22:  Video shows George Santos introducing himself as Anthony Devolder in 2019.  Santos is reflective of societal ills.  One columnist attributed his rise to a lack of local investigative reporting.  Another said:

(Santos) lies are the product of a political system that incentivizes dishonesty, punishes sincerity and is rife with opportunities for petty crooks. In that sense, Santos is the politician that we deserve.

I would offer Santos is there to serve the PEU class.  Politicians Red and Blue love PEU and increasingly, more are one.  Fraudster Santos is there to save PEU preferred "carried interest" taxation, get a regulatory format in place for crypto and steer Uncle Sam's wallet to the greed and leverage boys, as well as his personal pocketbook. 

Update 3-24-23:  The Hill reported:

Santos will formally confess to defrauding a Rio de Janeiro clerk of $1,300 in clothes and shoes in 2008 and pay damages to the victim.

Update 5-23-23:   The House voted to refer Santos to the Ethics Committee vs. expelling him.  The Insane Reds rose to protect their own.

Update 5-25-23:  Three anonymous persons put up $500,000 in bail for George Santos.  It's the insider money funnel, which helped create this deeply flawed fictional character.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

World Cup Shockers

Thugs with resources win.

Update 12-1-22:  YahooSports reported:

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sitting next to FIFA president Gianni Infantino at the opening game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, when his team was not playing, has fueled speculation that the kingdom wants to host the 2030 World Cup. Rumors of a joint bid with Egypt and Greece are swirling.

Update 12-6-22:   The U.S. court case against the Crown Prince was dismissed under the guise of sovereign immunity, something the Prince did not have at the time of the execution.  The judge said his hands were tied by the Biden administration's recommendation to the court.  Thugs win.

Update 12-16-22:  FIFA declined the offer from Ukrainian President Zelensky to speak to the world.  Saudi Arabia came to mind as a possible interloper that might prefer Ukraine silenced.  Soccer may follow golf as the next sportswash for the Crown Prince.

Update 12-18-22:  Trophy CEOs Jared Kushner and Elon Musk were at the final match.

Update 2-1-23:  While the Crown Prince continues making inroads with FIFA:

The rate of executions carried out by Saudi Arabia has almost doubled under the rule of the de facto leader, Mohammed bin Salman, with the past six years being among the bloodiest in the Kingdom’s modern history.

That's not counting executions outside the country.

“After Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing, the purchase of Newcastle, the LIV Golf series and the country’s hosting of numerous high-profile sporting events, Saudi Arabia’s use of sport to try to mask its terrible human rights record is now a depressingly well-established pattern.

To think the Women's World Cup may have a Saudi imprint

Update 2-9-23:  Saudi sportswashing continues with a possible sponsorship at the Women's World Cup.  U.S. forward Alex Morgan said:

“I think it’s bizarre that Fifa has looked to have a ‘Visit Saudi’ sponsorship for the Women’s World Cup when I would not even be supported and accepted in that country, so I just don’t understand it,” Morgan said. “Pretty much everyone has spoken out against that because morally, it just doesn’t make sense.

Update 5-5-23:  Biden will dispatch top aide Jake Sullivan to Saudi Arabia for meetings this Saturday.

Update 5-6-23:   The Saudi government plans to execute three tribesmen who protested against the new mega-city Neom.  The three resisted forced evictions.

Update 5-10-23:  Biden prepared a package deal to lure the mad Saudi Crown Prince back into the U.S. fold.  Incentives for a pariah?

Friday, November 11, 2022

Trumpty Dumpster

 NYPo and WSJ panned Red Team leader Donald Trump after the Midterm elections.

Stay tuned for a big announcement from the trash area of Mara Lago.  

Update 11-12-22:  A former Trump aide said:

"President Trump is going to announce on Tuesday that he's running for president, and it's going to be a very professional, very buttoned-up announcement," Jason Miller said, adding that a run-through of the event took place at Trump's Mar-a-Lago home and country club Friday morning.

Trump threw that classy announcement into his eternal dumpster fire with an insult to fellow Red Team member Glenn Youngkin saying his name "sounds Chinese.".   

Update 11-13-22:  Trump threw a "Blame Mitch for the Midterms" turd into his dumpster fire.

Update 11-14-22:  Insane Red Team Congressman Mo Brooks, a Jan. 6th inciter, had this to say:

“Donald Trump has proven himself to be dishonest, disloyal, incompetent, crude and a lot of other things that alienate so many independents and Republicans. Even a candidate who campaigns from his basement can beat him.”

And when did Mo Brooks learn this?

Update 11-16-22:  The Dump Trump train has many former White House Chiefs of Staff aboard.

Mick Mulvaney said: “.... I think he’s the only Republican who could lose.”

Add PEU and Blackstone co-founder Stephen Schwarzman to the list.

Schwarzman said: “America does better when its leaders are rooted in today and tomorrow, not today and yesterday. It is time for the Republican party to turn to a new generation of leaders and I intend to support one of them in the presidential primaries.”

Update 11-22-22:  The warnings from ex-Trump officials continue to escalate.  This is from his Attorney General:

Former Attorney General William Bar on Monday called for a new leader of the Republican Party, warning in a blistering rebuke that former President Trump “will burn the whole house down.”

“Unless the rest of the party goes along with him, he will burn the whole house down by leading ‘his people’ out of the GOP,” Barr said in a scathing op-ed published in the New York Post on Monday.

“Trump’s willingness to destroy the party if he does not get his way is not based on principle, but on his own supreme narcissism,” he added. “His egoism makes him unable to think of a political party as anything but an extension of himself — a cult of personality.”

Update 11-26-22:  Trump dined with Kanye West and a white supremacist at Maro Lago.   Did the Secret Service check out Trump's dinner guests?  

Update 11-28-22:  Donald Trump has long dog whistled white supremacists.  Newly able to hear the call is Marc Short, former assistant to VP Mike Pence.  Trump was raised in the heart of darkness.  

Update 11-30-22:  Some Trump followers realize they are in a dumpster fire.  They are tired, angry and fed up that he skimmed campaign donations from fellow Red Team candidates.

Update 12-4-22:  Trump called for the termination of the Constitution in order to overturn the 2020 election results.  The dumpster fire continues.

Update 12-13-22:  A looming split in the Insane Red Team could boost the Blue Lucys in 2024.

Update 12-15-22:  Trump's big announcement turned out to be $99 digital hero NFT cards with Donald's likeness.  

Update 12-26-22:  Former Trump senior advisors are actively working against his ever serving as President ever again.  Mike Pence, Bill Barr, Mike Pompeo, Chris Christie, John Bolton and Stephanie Grisham all worked closely with Dumpster Donald and oppose his candidacy.

A report on NBS News interview with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said:

... the GOP is losing “independents and moderate Republicans” to the Democrats for one particular reason associated with Donald Trump. “[It’s] primarily related to the view they had of us as a party — largely made by the former president — that we were sort of nasty and tended toward chaos.”

That's one way to say the Insane Red Team.

Update 1-3-23:  Trumpty Dumpster accepted no blame for the current state of the Insane Red Team.

“There is so much unnecessary turmoil in the Republican Party,” Trump said, saying the disorder is due in large part to McConnell, Chao and their “RINO” allies.

I'd say Trump did more than his part to craft the party into its current disorderly state.  

Update 1-8-23:  Trump wants to make it difficult for regular people to vote.  "Trump himself has voted by mail yet aims to deny that convenience to others." His proven illness so he can vote by mail?  Bone spurs.

Update 1-29-23:  Trump's online social media presence has grown more extreme since he left the White House.  He's pushing QANUT nonsense that has him coming again to save his followers.  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter plan to give him his old accounts back.  They know not what they do.  Tumpster Dumpster will trash and burn the internets leaving a God awful stench. 

Update 2-27-23:  Trump wanted the White House to go after late night comics.  

Update 3-13-23:  Trump blamed his former V.P. for January 6th.  Good to hear Trump admit that it wasn't a peaceful tour.  Shameless Trump needs to go away.  

Update 5-5-23:   Former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr said another Trump presidency would bring "chaos" and be a "horror show."  Barr claimed his former boss doesn’t have “the ability for strategic thinking” or “setting priorities.”

Update 5-10-23:  Trump may be ready to set his CNN Town Hall on fire given his comment the event "could be a disaster for all."  Donald's driving the dumpster.

Red Team Senator Mitt Romney warned about nominating Trump for another stint in the White House.  Many of his Red Team cabinet members have called him unfit for the job.  A New York civil jury awarded a Trump sexual assault victim $5 million.    

Update 5-11-23:  Trump scorched the place with lies and insults.  He threw another bone to the Proud Boys and called the moderator a "nasty person."  He turned his sexual assault civil trial into a laugh line.  Suburban Moms, are you listening?  The Trump snake should never have been warmed.

Update 5-13-23:  The Trump town hall was a dark and disturbing disaster.

Update 6-11-23:  The public learned of Trump's disdain for keeping classified documents secure.  Trump called for protests in response to his being indicted.

Update 6-29-23:  The Insane Reds in the House of Representatives are intent on revenge for Trump.

Update 7-15-23:  Trump is intent on revenge on government:

"Time and time again, we have seen Donald Trump attempt to remake our government in his image, not based on our country’s ideals and traditions, but based on a personal agenda."

It needs to be remade to burnish Trump's image.

Update 7-16-23:  Project much?

Trump's campaign spokesman, told Fox News Digital. "Everything that comes out of (Chris Christie's) mouth is a lie wrapped in incoherent psychotic rage and he needs to get some professional help."

Update 8-10-23:   A conservative retired federal judge said former President Donald Trump is even more dangerous than he was in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

“American democracy simply cannot function without two equally healthy and equally strong political parties. So today, in my view, there is no Republican Party to counter the Democratic Party in the country,” Michael Luttig, who advised Pence on how to handle the January 6, 2021, election certification vote, told CNN’s Poppy Harlow on “CNN This Morning.” “And for that reason, American democracy is in grave peril.

Update 9-17-23:  The Hill reported:

Singer Maren Morris announced she is leaving Country music due to the effects the “Trump years” have had on the music genre.

“After the Trump years, people’s biases were on full display,” the “Bones” singer said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times published Friday. “It just revealed who people really were and that they were proud to be misogynistic and racist and homophobic and transphobic.”

"...Music is supposed to be the voice of the oppressed — the actual oppressed. And now it’s being used as this really toxic weapon in culture wars.”

Update 9-18-23:  Trump wished liberal Jews a happy new year after saying they voted to destroy America and Israel.

Update 11-11-23:  Billionaire Peter Thiel had this to say about his past support for Donald Trump:

“There are a lot of things I got wrong,” he acknowledged. “It was crazier than I thought. It was more dangerous than I thought. They couldn’t get the most basic pieces of the government to work. So that was—I think that part was maybe worse than even my low expectations.”

Update 3-20-24:  The Trump Dumpster fire of violent rhetoric "if he loses" continues.   One historian is grateful Trump is using fascist language in the campaign so voters can go to the polls fully aware of his strongman predilections.

Update 5-5-24:   Trump laid out his "evil manifesto" should he win or lose the next election.  It's term a revenge inspired scroll like list.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Election Day!

It's the Insane Reds vs. the Blue Lucys.

Politicians Red and Blue love PEU (private equity underwriters) and increasingly, more are one.

Update 11-9-22:  The leader of the Insane Reds reacted to election results thus far:

Former President Donald Trump "is livid" and "screaming at everyone" after many Republican candidates backed by him underperformed in Tuesday's midterm elections, an advisor to Trump told CNN.

Update 11-14-22:  Senator Rick Scott predicted the Red Team would easily gain control of the U.S. Senate.  After they failed Scott said:

"Here's what happened to us. Election Day ... our voters didn't show up...."

Voters showed up.  Many independents voted against the Insane Reds. 

Update 11-18-22:  The Blue Lucys plan to shield the Saudi Crown Prince from a U.S. civil suit filed by the widow of WaPo journalist Jamaal Khashoggi. 

Update 11-19-22:  A former top State Department advisor called the move to protect the Saudi Crown Prince a bad strategy and is "carrying MBS's water."

Update 1-1-23:   A retiring member of Congress blames the likely next Speaker of the House for the burgeoning Insane Red team.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said on Sunday that he blamed House Minority Leader (R-Calif.) for what he called the “crazy elements” in Congress and for the reason former President Trump is “still a factor” in politics.

Update 1-7-23:  Kevin McCarthy won Speaker of the House in the 15th ballot after negotiating with extreme members of the his Insane Red Team.  One House member astutely observed:

“We would have won more seats in 2022 but too many feared the extremes in the GOP even before this.”

Many of those same extreme Insane Red Team members had their hands in the Jan. 6th insurrection, which saw its second anniversary yesterday.  Insane with no shame...portends poorly for our country.

Update 1-9-23:  Newly elected Insane Red Rep. Cory Mills joked about the criminal attack on Paul Pelosi.

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Crackerverse Hits Twitter

users have to treat the company logo with more respect than they need to express to fellow Twitterers.

You may not use the Twitter trademarks to disparage Twitter, its products or services, or in a manner which, in Twitter’s sole discretion, may diminish or tarnish Twitter’s goodwill in the Twitter trademarks.

Business Insider reported:

The Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), a research group that analyzes social media content to predict emerging threats, said that use of the N-word on Twitter increased by nearly 500% in the 12 hours immediately after Musk's deal was finalized.

"Elon now controls twitter. Unleash the racial slurs. K---S AND N-----S," said one account, using slurs for Jewish and Black people, per the outlet.

"I can freely express how much I hate n-----s … now, thank you elon," another said

 "There's a massive flood of literally hundreds of people each minute using the N-word and rampant hate speech happening on Twitter right now post Elon purchase."

Twitter was also flooded with sexist and anti-LGBTQ messages.

The Make America White-Male Again (MAW-MA) crowd is exercising their digital digits.  Their minds remain off and their hearts chilled.

"Democracy depends on heavy doses of civility."--Former Vice President Mike Pence

Elon Mush may turn Twitter into the Roman Coliseum where the crowd does thumbs up or thumbs down in both the Cracker and nonCrackerverses.  Musk said a user should be able to“choose your desired experience according to your preferences.”

Update 10-30-22:  The day after buying Twitter Musk posted a conspiracy theory on the attack of Paul Pelosi in his home.  

Update 2-4-23:  Tennessee Red Teamers want to rename a Nashville street from Rep. John Lewis Way to Donald Trump Boulevard.  The Crackerverse is alive and clearly unwell.

Update 4-7-23:  The Tennessee House expelled two black male lawmakers, while allowing a third white woman to remain after the three joined protestors after the Nashville school shooting that killed three adults and three children.

Update 4-14-23:  AI has a cracker side to it:

Regardless of which persona the researchers assigned, ChatGPT targeted some specific races and groups three times more than others. These patterns “reflect inherent discriminatory biases in the model,” the researchers said.

Update 4-18-23:   The Crackerverse is alive and unwell in Oklahoma where the sheriff and other top officials in a rural county were recorded talking about "beating, killing and burying" a father/son team of local reporters — and lamenting that they could no longer hang Black people with a “damned rope.”

Update 5-13-23:  An Insane Red Senator from Alabama proved his cracker bonavides by backing white supremacists in the military.   He's the same Senator holding up hundreds of military promotions. 

Update 5-22-23:  Civil rights groups issued warnings for people traveling to Florida due to legislators being “openly hostile toward African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals.” 

Update 8-14-23:  School board officials in Conroe, Texas wanted a poster removed for showing children of varying races holding hands.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

China's Democracy Bullshit

One Party Communist China pretends it has gone past democracy with this horse hockey:

"China's whole-process people's democracy integrates process-oriented democracy with results-oriented democracy, procedural democracy with substantive democracy, direct democracy with indirect democracy and people's democracy with the will of the state."

I thought their deal for citizens was economic freedom.  The Chinese are just another version of earthly government managers looking for their own interests.  

Citizen input will be constrained to surveys designed by the government, not by the people.  U.S. workers have completed enough employment surveys that provide no space for feedback on the workplace crap sandwich they must eat every day. 

Meanwhile at home, it's the Insane Reds vs. the Blue Lucys.  I'm beginning to wonder if any middle remains.  U.S. democracy has become disturbingly cartoonish under the sponsorship of Red and Blue oligarchs. 

We have the freedom for obscenely wealthy, politically connected private equity chiefs to pay preferred carried interest taxation.  Both the Reds and Blues have long promised to eliminate the tax break on the campaign trail but it never translates to actual law.

We have the freedom for 30% of the Christian population to push their version of the faith into local, state and national law.  

We have elected officials of poor character more concerned about their position/image than the plight of the average citizen.

None of that sounds representative, but at least we have the option to vote them out.  Chinese survey participants may end up like the U.S. employee who foolishly thought their employer wanted their opinion.  What's the nondemocratic version of a Chinese firing?

Update 10-23-22:  The Saudi government sponsored Future Investment Conference showed how surveys can steer people away from gross human rights abuses.

The FII Institute called the New York gathering the Priority Conference, and it centered on the release of a 13-country survey of 130,000 respondents’ attitudes that the institute says represents half of the world’s population. The institute asked them: What’s your top priority? It’s an incredible feat of denial done in the service of reframing the conversation away from politics and rights. Of course, one might imagine that many people’s top priority is to live freely and not be murdered.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Trump 2024 Motto Should be Casual Disregard

Optimizing a political party or the levers of government for the ego of Donald Trump can be summed up in two words, casual disregard.  Should it suit him Trump would use the U.S. Constitution for toilet paper. His image needs stand above all others.  

Update 9-21-22:  Yahoo News reported:

Trump directed officials in early 2019 to dump immigrants into Democratic cities and states. However, the president was “much more specific.”

“He wanted us to identify the murderers, the rapists and the criminals and in particular, make sure we did not incarcerate them, and we put them in those cities,” Taylor said on CNN. “It doesn’t take a lawyer or genius to recognize that this would likely be illegal to do.”

Update 10-3-22:  Trump has casual disregard for Senator Mitch McConnell's life:

Conservative pundit Scott Jennings said "every Republican" should be able to disavow former President Donald Trump's "assassination instructions" against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Update 10-4-22:  An Obama speechwriter suggests the best way to take down Trump is with humor.  That's funny as the 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner roast of Donald Trump lit his fire to pursue the Presidency.  Obama's yuk-yuk session did not take him down.  It motivated Trump.  

Update 10-13-22:  Trump's former Ambassador to the European Union offered another tagline for a future Presidential campaign, "Narcissistic Dick."  It's amazing how many people who worked for Trump find him to be a horribly flawed leader.

Update 10-14-22:
  We can update Trump's 2024 slogan to "Reckless Disregard."  Trump "executed a strategy to lie to Americans about the outcome, to motivate his supporters to help him subvert democracy."  Violence is but a means.

Update 10-17-22:   Trump hotels charged the Secret Service as much as $1,185 per night, more than five times the recommended government rate, and the high rates continued after he left office.  Maybe "Shameless Disregard."

Update 10-24-22:  Trump threw a tantrum after 60 Minutes interviewed the CEO of Dominion Voting Systems.

Update 11-14-22:  Reckless disregard applies to Trump's wanting IRS/Justice Department investigations of people he considered his political enemy.

Update 2-3-23:   The Red Team went all out for election fraud in 2020:

"Comms is going to continue to fan the flame and get the word out about Democrats trying to steal this election. We’ll do whatever they need (inaudible) help with. Just be on standby in case there’s any stunts we need to pull.."

This Independent voter is not impressed.

Update 2-12-23:   Trump claimed election fraud after "a team of professional researchers he paid to try and find evidence of fraud came up empty-handed."  He got the report before January 6th.

Monday, September 5, 2022

"Facism Flu" Widespread

The current round of "Fascism Flu" spreading through America's hallowed halls of government rivals the 2005 "Hitleritis" outbreak.  Infected officials with "Hitleritis" were noted by their use of Adolf Hitler to describe their political rivals.  The disease was bipartisan affecting both Red and Blue political teams and quickly ran through Congress.  It was not unusual for officials offended by Hitler comparisons to indignantly demand apologies.

"Fascism Flu" has struck titular leaders of both political parties.  Former President Trump caught the disease in 2020.  He said the following at a political rally in Minnesota.

Democrats want to "replace American freedom with left-wing fascism. Fascists, they are fascists."

President Biden had a milder version of "fascism flu" as evidenced by his characterization that "Maga Republicans" are "semi-fascism."  A Georgia congresswoman said "Nazi Joe has to go."

I wrote in election year 2008 as political rhetoric began to rise:

People infected with "Hitleritis" are known to become feverish, make inane comparisons to Adolf Hitler, or invoke the Nazi menace in some trivial, current day situation. It appears members of the Presidential campaign camps may need to be quarantined, unless a more suitable treatment can be found.

Fascism Flu has serious consequences.  An Israeli diplomat warned:

"I am appalled by this cynical use of Nazi imagery and Hitler comparisons by a member of the United States Congress."

"As we face a rise in antisemitic incidents, in the US and around the world, rhetoric like this only fuels the persistent threat of hatred, extremism, and violence."

Americans have the freedom to hate and be extreme within the law.  They do not have the right to be violent towards others or incite violence.  

The two legal prongs that constitute incitement of imminent lawless action are as follows: Advocacy of force or criminal activity does not receive First Amendment protections if (1) the advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action, and (2) is likely to incite or produce such action.

Trump is a frequent inciter of violence and should be shunned by good-hearted people.  Most independent voters are weary of Trump's antics.  Traditional conservatives see Trump's constant badgering of enemies, many former employees and on the same political team.   

Other politicians need to choose their words carefully.  Election positioning is not a valid reason for either political team to let the words Hitler, Nazi or fascism casually cross their tongue.  It makes one look sick. 

Update 9-8-22:  A Red Team candidate caught "Hitleritis" but refuses to quarantine.   

Update 9-20-22:  Dog the Bounty Hunter came down with Hitleritis at an evangelical conference over the weekend. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Big Elf DeSantis-Claws Offers Retirement Leer

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis-Claws wants to bring Dr. Fauci a present as he approaches retirement.  He asked someone to “grab” the 81-year-old infectious disease expert and “chuck him across the Potomac.”

"Someone needs to grab that little elf and chuck him across the Potomac."  The Insane Reds are on a roll.   

This independent voter will need more than bleach to disinfect the ballot this fall.

Update 9-21-22:  DeSantis-Claws gifted a free trip to Martha's Vineyard to Venezuelan migrants in San Antonio.   He promised a bit too much in his stocking stuffer and is being sued for fraud, as is the titular head of the Red Team.

Update 3-9-23:  The Hill reported:

Documentarian Ken Burns on Tuesday said the bills that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is advocating for resemble the “Soviet system” in deciding what students are allowed to be taught in a classroom.

Update 4-20-23:  Larry Kudlow said DeSantis is close to making a fool of himself in his feud with Disney. 

Update 9-23-23:  DeSantis continued his rampage by recommending Floridians under 65 not get the COVID shot.  Apparently the Florida sun can bleach anything

Friday, August 5, 2022

Blue Lucys vs. Insane Reds

And the wealth gap grows....just as intended by billionaire oligarchs and the politicians who serve them to the detriment of the common person.

Update 8-7-22:  The Insane Reds gathered in Dallas to inspire followers to violence.  Will suburban moms connect with such divisive rhetoric?   The Blue Lucys nominated yet another private equity advisor for a key government position.

Update 8-15-22:  The leader of the Insane Reds warned that his vitriolic language would likely result in violence but refuses to tone it down.

Update 8-17-22:  Trump's latest tantrum continues to reverberate. "When people in positions of power and public trust start to echo extremist rhetoric, it’s even more likely that we’re going to see real-world consequences (violence)."

Update 8-18-22:  Elon Musk told the Red Team it should show more compassion to immigrants and stay "out of people's bedrooms."  The conservative Lincoln Project called the new GOP "an authoritarian nationalist cult dedicated only to Donald Trump."  Former CIA Chief and NSA Director Michael Hayden called the Red Team "the most treacherous political force he has encountered in his lifetime."  Hayden agreed with a journalist's assessment of the Reds:   "Have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today’s Republicans. Nothing close"  Trump aides believe a family member steered the FBI to classified documents stored at Mara Lago.  The Insane Reds continue to eat themselves as Trump Toady Steve Bannon called former Vice President Mike Pence "gutless" and someone who has "done more damage to this country than any other person in modern political history."  I believe Bannon and his mob boss have done much more damage to the U.S. than Pence. 

Trump toned things down by calling the FBI "fascist."  Sounds like projection...

Update 8-19-22:  Tantrum Trump claims any documents he took were automatically classified.  Two former White House Chiefs of Staff said that was bunk.  If only the U.S. were a monarchy...

Meanwhile, the Red Team is "narrowing its political and moral appeal" according to the WSJ.   Comedian Trevor Noah noted how many close Trump aides have gone to prison.

The Blue Lucys find President Joe Biden vacationing once again at an investment manager's beach house.  The beach home is on Kiawah Island and owned by the co-founder of Aetos Capital.

“They stayed here before and they’re not paying,” a source close to the family told the New York Post. “They’ve never paid. They’re just friends.”

Update 8-21-22:  The leader of the Insane Reds spends much of his time fighting members of his own team.   There is little discernible Christian behavior coming from him.  "Conservative" is no longer ideological.

"What it's coming to mean is a person who is deeply committed to Donald Trump and his style of politics," she said.

That has little appeal to independent voters who've often decided elections. 

Update 8-22-22:  Red Team member Rep. Liz Cheney said ".....tells you that large portions of our party, including the leadership of our party, both at the state level in Wyoming, as well as on a national level with the RNC, is very sick."

“If you look at somebody like Josh Hawley or somebody like Ted Cruz, both of whom know better, both of whom know exactly what the role of Congress is, in terms of our constitutional obligations with respect to presidential elections. And yet, both of whom took steps that fundamentally threatened the constitutional order and structure in the aftermath of the last election. So, you know, in my view, they both have made themselves unfit for future office.

Having flattened Liz Cheney the Insane Reds are on a steamroll.

Update 8-31-22:  Trump used his Truth Social network to spread QANONsense and rile up the 4CHAN crowd.  Senator Lindsey Graham may just get his riots in the streets (of mostly middle-aged white men).

Update 9-2-22:  Trump continued to battle fellow Republicans, saying this about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

"We have to put up with him for a period of time, but eventually, he'll be gone.  He's bad news."

This independent voter will take that advice and apply it to the speaker.  Eventually Trump will be gone and the Republican Party will no longer have to use all its resources to optimize the image of one member. 

Update 9-3-22:  On his last day with the network CNN's John Harwood said "the GOP is “led by a dishonest demagogue."

Update 9-4-22:  Insane Red Team leader and former President Trump raged in front of supporters in Pennsylvania, calling President Biden an "enemy of the state."  Trump continued to use incendiary language denigrating the FBI and DOJ as "vicious monsters."  Trump told thousands of supporters Saturday that the raid on Mar-a-Lago was an attack on them as much as it was on him, saying it was a “demented persecution of you and me.”

Trump toned it down for three weeks in 2016 and that respite got him elected President.  Independent voters and traditional conservatives are sick of Trump and his ceaseless self-absorption and slick manipulations.  Dangerous is as dangerous does.  Trump leaves carnage in his wake.

Update 9-5-22:  Red Team candidates "need to win swing voters and independents and some Democrats, and it’s hard to do that when Trump is really just playing and pandering to the base," said former Congressman Charlie Dent (R-PA).  

Update 9-9-22:  Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb called Trump "a deeply wounded narcissist" who is "incapable" of acting out of anything other than self-interest.

Update 9-15-22:   Trump threatened civil unrest if he is indicted for taking classified information to Mar-a-Lago.

Update 9-16-22:  Trump has gone full Q-A-NUT.  Red Team utilizes fraud to push migrants around U.S.

Update 10-2-22:  Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich challenged the excuses given for the super wealthy to pay minimal tax rates.  He did not mention a conscripted Congress where Politicians Red and Blue love PEU.  Insane Red leader Trump put a bullseye on Senate leader Mitch McConnell with his "death wish" comment.  

Insane Red Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene asked for privacy regarding her impending divorce but offered none to others facing difficult life events, an unwanted pregnancy, a family struggling with gender identity issues or students traumatized by a mass school shooting.  After requesting her boundaries be honored Greene said at a rally:  "Democrats want Republicans dead and they have already started the killings."  She's the titular queen of the Insane Reds.

Update 10-4-22:  Red Team Senate candidate Herschel Walker paid for a girlfriend's abortion.  The girlfriend had one child with Walker.

Update 10-6-22:  There are 299 Red Team election deniers seeking House, Senate, and statewide offices in 48 out of 50 states.  

Update 10-8-22:  Trevor Noah described the descent of the Insane Reds using the person of Herschel Walker.  Another Insane Red Senate hopeful Blake Masters got schooled from former teachers and classmates on his descent into a world of nonsense, power and greed.  Masters time as a private equity underwriter under Peter Thiel morphed the once kind teen into a dangerous politician.

The Blue Lucys say there is no information on visitors to President Joe Biden's beach houses in Delaware while Biden has been in residence since his inauguration.   Once again, the Blue Lucys pull the transparency football.

Update 10-10-22:   An Insane Red Team Senator from the Deep South said "Democrats seek slavery reparations for ‘the people that do the crime.’  Hand that man a cracker.

Update 10-15-22:  WSJ called out Insane Red Team Leader Trump for his behavior on Jan. 6th.  Trump doubled down on his ongoing series of lies and offered conspiracy theories as defense to the January 6th Committee.  The Blue Lucys show how connected insiders with full time jobs benefit from the political money funnel.

Update 10-18-22:  Former Trump aides are painting immigrants as murderers and rapists in a political ad that ran during a MLB playoff game.  Are they the same aides that wanted violent criminal illegal immigrants dropped off in Democratic areas?

Update 10-20-22:  Former Trump Ambassador to the European Union noted how the Insane Red Team Clown Car gets filled.

Update 10-24-22:  The Insane Red Team eats its own.

Update 10-27-22:  An Insane Red Team follower attacked the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Red Team Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin joked about the incident while campaigning for a Red Team House candidate.  Local election officials say "a madness has taken hold."

Update 11-2-22:  The titular head of the Insane Reds piled on the hospitalized Paul Pelosi.  Trump can't resist kicking someone in their hospital bed.  It's hard to fight back and Trump hates a fair fight.

Update 11-9-22:  The leader of the Insane Reds reacted to election results thus far:

Former President Donald Trump "is livid" and "screaming at everyone" after many Republican candidates backed by him underperformed in Tuesday's midterm elections, an advisor to Trump told CNN.

Update 11-12-22:  Trump continued attacking members of his Red Team saying the name of Virginia Governor "Youngkin" sounds Chinese. 

Update 11-14-22:  Someone else agreed with my characterization of Insane Red Team.

Update 11-18-22:  The Blue Lucys plan to shield the Saudi Crown Prince from a U.S. civil suit filed by the widow of WaPo journalist Jamaal Khashoggi.

Update 11-19-22:  A former top State Department advisor called the move to protect the Saudi Crown Prince a bad strategy and is "carrying MBS's water."

Update 11-25-22:  Insane Red Team candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia has a Texas homestead (primary residence).

Republican Herschel Walker is getting a $1,500 tax exemption from his home in Texas, meant only for primary residents, while running for Senate in Georgia.

Fraud is nothing for these people.

Update 12-7-22:   Red Team loser Herschel Walker got a big bear hug from Senator Rick Scott.  Suburban Moms and independent voters want Trump and his celebrity picks to fade into the background.  Scott does not get the message.

Trump held a special Insane Red event at Mar-a-Lago, complete with QANUT and Pizzagate believers.

Update 12-9-22:  More feedback for the Insane Red Team:

....more Republicans showed up to vote. They just didn’t find Republican candidates they wanted to support at the top of the ticket.

Update 12-10-22:  Insane Red Marjorie Taylor Greene believes Herschel Walker would have won had she been included more in his campaign.  

Update 12-14-22:   The Insane Reds seem impervious to feedback.

Update 12-16-22:  Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked for a list of people who'd changed their sex on their drivers license.  He has the freedom to leave no paper trail.  Underpants monitors are in overdrive.

Update 12-26-22:  A report on NBS News interview with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said:

... the GOP is losing “independents and moderate Republicans” to the Democrats for one particular reason associated with Donald Trump. “[It’s] primarily related to the view they had of us as a party — largely made by the former president — that we were sort of nasty and tended toward chaos.”

That's one way to say the Insane Red Team. 

Update 12-31-22:   Trump threatened to form a third party if the Insane Reds don't show enough fealty to his greatness.

Update 1-1-23:   A retiring member of Congress blames the likely next Speaker of the House for the burgeoning Insane Red team.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said on Sunday that he blamed House Minority Leader (R-Calif.) for what he called the “crazy elements” in Congress and for the reason former President Trump is “still a factor” in politics.

Update 1-2-23:  Senior Trump aide Hope Hicks wrote after Jan. 6th:

"...We all look like domestic terrorists now.”

That they did.  Many still do.

Update 1-7-23:  Kevin McCarthy won Speaker of the House in the 15th ballot after negotiating with extreme members of the his Insane Red Team.  One House member astutely observed:

“We would have won more seats in 2022 but too many feared the extremes in the GOP even before this.”

Many of those same extreme Insane Red Team members had their hands in the Jan. 6th insurrection, which saw its second anniversary yesterday.  Insane with no shame...portends poorly for our country.

Update 1-16-23:  Red Team's Matt Gaetz suggested Trump pick one of two female governors as his running mate to draw back suburban moms. Hopefully those moms won't take the recommendation of one super creep from Florida to vote for another super creep from the same state.  Here's my advice for Trump.  Please go away.  That advice also applies to Joe Biden, a Blue Lucy on confidential documents.  

Trump called the Capital rioters "great patriots" and their deserved prison sentences "a disgrace."  Spoken like a Chief Domestic Terrorist.

Update 1-17-23:  Biden's slow leak of information about classified documents found in his garage and former office is a Blue Lucy move.   His use of the word "demented" is also a poor choice as it can quickly boomerang into a football yank.  And Biden is down!

Update 1-18-23:  A former candidate for the Insane Reds was arrested for shooting into the homes of Blue Team officials.

Update 1-19-23:  Today the U.S. reached its debt ceiling.  JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon warned the Insane Reds and Blue Lucys not to play chicken with America's $31 trillion debt ceiling.  The Insane Reds want to burn it down.  They might as well start with the U.S. debt rating, however that would spark higher interest rates, i.e inflation, which they supposedly oppose.  

Update 1-20-23:  The Insane Reds may just burn down the U.S. credit rating with their debt ceiling shenanigans.

Update 1-23-23:  Midterm election feedback means nothing to the Insane Reds.

Update 2-4-23:  Antisemitic Insane Red Team member went after Blue Lucy for past antisemitism.  Two Red Team members panned leadership for throwing that Blue Lucy off a key House committee.

Update 2-5-23:  Insane Reds sport assault rifle pins in The Capital during National Gun Violence Survivors Week.

Insane Red Senator Ted Cruz (TX) said two terms should be the max for senators as he pursues his third term.

Update 2-7-23:  Insane Red Rep. Lauren Boebert prayed for the death of President Joe Biden while delivering the sermon at a Dallas church.

Update 2-9-23:  The State of the Union address looked more like the British House of Commons with the Insane Reds jeering at multiple points.  

The next day the Insane Red Team had a whole hearing backfire on them.  

The Trump administration and its allied Republicans in Congress routinely asked Twitter to take down posts they objected to — the exact behavior that they’re claiming makes President Biden, the Democrats, and Twitter complicit in an anti-free speech conspiracy to muzzle conservatives online.

Update 2-12-23:  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene briefly tried the sane lane but it didn't last.  She's back to being an Insane Red.

Update 3-7-23:  A Red Team Florida legislator introduced a bill requiring bloggers to register and report to the state.  The Guardian reported:

If a blogger posts to a blog about an elected state officer and receives, or will receive, compensation for that post, the blogger must register” with the appropriate state office.

“The idea that bloggers criticising a politician should register with the government is insane,” former Speaker of the House New Gingrich wrote on Twitter.

Another example of the Insane Red Team. 

Update 3-9-23:  The Hill reported:

Documentarian Ken Burns on Tuesday said the bills that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is advocating for resemble the “Soviet system” in deciding what students are allowed to be taught in a classroom.

Update 3-17-23:  The Insane Red in Florida introduced a bill that would ban teenage girls from talking about their menstrual periods in school.  Underpants police!

Update 3-20-23:  An Insane Red state legislator asked a Blue Lucy "Are you a pedophile?" during debate over a bill.

Update 3-23-23:  Former Blue Lucy Kyrsten Sinema said of her fellow Senate colleagues:

“Old dudes are eating Jell-O, everyone is talking about how great they are.”

 “I don’t really need to be there for that. That’s an hour and a half twice a week that I can get back.”

“The Northerners and the Westerners put cool whip on their Jell-O, and the Southerners put cottage cheese.”

And you know what they say about old dudes and their cheese... 

Update 3-25-23:  Insane Reds held a pep rally in the D.C. jail.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene swept into the District of Columbia jail to check on conditions for the Jan. 6 defendants, with Republican lawmakers handshaking and high-fiving the prisoners, who chanted “Let's Go Brandon!” — a coded vulgarity against President Joe Biden — as the group left.

Update 5-6-23:   Seven former defense secretaries panned Insane Red Tommy Tuberville's hold on some 200 military promotions.

Update 5-7-23:  Blue Lucy Rep. James Clyburn made a deal with the devil for earthly power and riches.  A columnist wrote:

Black Democrat Rep. James Clyburn, one of South Carolina’s most powerful politicians, secretly worked with Republicans during the 2020 redistricting process to dilute the strength of the black vote, making it harder for his party to gain seats in Congress. He did it to ensure he’d be able to comfortably continue winning his seat for as long as he wanted to.

Update 5-17-23:  Blue Lucy Senator Diane Feinstein told reporters she has been in D.C. voting when she spent the last three months at home in California recovering from shingles.

The Insane Reds in the House face a vote on Rep. George Santos who has been charged with numerous crimes.

Update 5-20-23:  Blue Lucy Senator Kyrsten Sinema is facing ethics questions:

Sinema is also facing scrutiny over more than $180,000 in campaign expenditures as far back as 2019 that went toward luxury hotels and resorts, jets, limos, Michelin-starred restaurants, international travel, winery visits, and more.

Update 5-22-23:  Former RNC Chair Michael Steele shined the light on the Insane Red Clown Car driven by Jim Jordan on government weaponization, something Trump excelled at.   

Update 8-10-23:  Insane Red Team news:

Republican Representative Nick Langworthy tried to defend the GOP investigation into Joe Biden’s alleged corruption—only to end up admitting that they still don’t have any proof.

The Insane Reds and Blue Lucys both operate a gigantic insider money funnel and they have worked hard over the years to both hide the funnel's existence while making nearly all payments legal. 

Update 8-18-23:  The Insane Reds and Blue Lucys called off their scheduled budget food fight.  The decision came after the wildfire spread of "Rich Men North of Richmond" by Anthony Oliver.  

Ex-President Trump's inflammatory rhetoric incites some of Insane Red followers to commit acts of violence.

Update 9-8-23:  Insane Red Tommy Tuberville reduced the Pentagon to giving advice.

“People up here in the Pentagon, I don’t know what they do every day, but they’re more of giving advice” said Tuberville.

A former Red team congressman scorched Tuberville for his ignorance and arrogance.  Cracker is as cracker does.