Thursday, May 27, 2021

Senator McConnell Blocks Jan. 6th Commission

House Majority Leader Mitch McConnel led the effort blocking the formation of a January 6th Commission.  His actions prevent a deeper, independent look at the insurrection and how its re-occurrence might be prevented.

The mother of Brian Sicknick, the Capital police officer who died after the rioting, pleaded with Red Team members of Congress for a bi-partisan commission.

"Not having a January 6 Commission to look into exactly what occurred is a slap in the faces of all the officers who did their jobs that day,” said Gladys Sicknick, who urged lawmakers to visit her son’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

Indications are Capital Police officers are in an abusive relationship, where their voice, mental and physical health do not matter.

"We have heard all of this support for police, police, police, and then your own police force is battered and bruised and now you drag your feet?" said another officer.

Optimizing a political party for the ego needs of Donald Trump is a very disturbing thing.  Senator McConnell is proving to be one of Trump's most powerful enablers.  Sad. 

Update 5-31-21:  Senate Republicans don't want an investigation to get to the root causes of the January 6th insurrection but demanded an investigation into the origins of COVID-19.   

The attack was the worst on the Capitol in 200 years. The protesters interrupted the certification of Biden’s win over Trump, constructed a mock gallows in front of the Capitol and called for the hanging of Vice President Mike Pence, who was overseeing the proceedings inside. Lawmakers hid on the floor of the House balcony as the rioters tried to break in, and senators evacuated their chamber mere minutes before it was ransacked. 

Irony enters when riot inciter Senator Josh Hawley wants COVID-19 origin information released.

"Let the American people see. Let the American people decide ... share the facts."

Those words could easily be said in favor of a January 6th bipartisan investigation.  That's what frosts this independent voter.  Both events killed people.  Both should be investigated for human understanding.  

Update 5-31-21:  Esquire columnist said "By failing to follow in the footsteps of these other bi-partisan commissions (some of which were related to foreign terrorist attacks, some domestic like the Jan. 6 insurrection), today’s Republican senators have put party above politics at a level so high, it should terrify us all. The worst is certainly yet to come.

Update 6-2-21:  McConnell further warmed deadly snake Donald Trump, who is telling friends he will be reinstated as President by August.  As there is no method for him to be reinstated, some consider Trump delusional.  That was clear long before January 6th, the day Trump unleashed his loyalists on the Capital. 

When mental pathology is accompanied by criminal-mindedness, however, the combination can make individuals far more dangerous than either alone.  

He is certainly of an autocratic disposition because his extreme narcissism does not allow for equality with other human beings, as democracy requires.

His emotional fragility, manifested in extreme intolerance of realities that do not fit his wishful view of the world, predispose him to psychotic spirals.

If one cannot have love, one resorts to respect. And when respect is unavailable, one resorts to fear. Trump is now living through an intolerable loss of respect: rejection by a nation in his election defeat. Violence helps compensate for feelings of powerlessness, inadequacy and lack of real productivity.

The treatment is removal of exposure.  For healing, I usually recommend three steps: (1) Removal of the offending agent (the influential person with severe symptoms). (2) Dismantling systems of thought control—common in advertising but now also heavily adopted by politics. And (3) fixing the socioeconomic conditions that give rise to poor collective mental health in the first place.

The challenge is disconnecting the Red Team from their severely damaged leader

When the mind is hijacked for the benefit of the abuser, it becomes no longer a matter of presenting facts or appealing to logic.  

That's the state of the Republican Party.  I said optimized to meet the ego needs of Donald Trump, but hijacked for the benefit of an abusive Trump is more succinct.

Update 6-27-21:  Republican House leadership finally met with Capital police officers and the mother of Officer Brian Sicknick.

Update 7-1-21:  Only two Red team members of the House of Representatives voted for a select commission to review the Jan. 6 insurrection. 

Update 7-21-21:  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled his five nominees from the House committee reviewing the insurrection.  Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) "accused McCarthy of trying to “prevent” Americans from knowing the truth of how the Capitol attack occurred."

“The American people deserve to know what happened. The people who did this must be held accountable, it must be an investigation that is sober and gets to the facts,” she said, adding that, however “at every turn the minority leader has tried to get the people not to know what happened.”

Gross incompetence is all Republican leaders have to offer on the January 6th insurrection.   

Update 8-2-21:  The Red Team continues its shameless behavior regarding the January 6th insurrection.  Mitch is still slinking around in the background after Trump followers unleashed hell on the U.S. Capital.  

Update 8-5-21:  The Red Team "made a call to shift all blame away from Trump."  Independent voters fled the Trump train after he botched the COVID pandemic.  Deflecting the Jan. 6th insurrection with outright lies will keep independent voters away.  It took more than mean tweets to drive voters away.  It took Trump's callous indifference to people's lives, something the Texas legislature shares.  

Update 8-27-21:  Ex-President Donald Trump claimed executive privilege for himself and colleagues in regard to the House Select Committee on January 6ths request for documents from the White House and numerous government agencies. Capital Police officers filed a lawsuit accusing Trump, the Proud Boys and violent extremist groups of causing the deadly Jan. 6th riot/insurrection.

Update 9-1-21:  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy threatened telecom companies that respond to House subpoenas for phone records regarding the Jan. 6th riot/insurrection.

Update 9-4-21:  "Republicans are doing everything they can to thwart Congress’ inquiry into the Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol, including by threatening to purge their party of members who participate in the select committee tasked with that investigation."

Update 9-12-21:   The committee may get to the bottom of the Jan.6th event with the help of two Republican members.

Update 11-1-21:  Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich claimed the people who stormed the Capitol were "agitators not associated with" Trump.

Update 12-4-21:  Wingnuts are so emboldened they are running for office. Legislative agendas are not needed for the Red Team, according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. 

Update 12-13-21:  The January 6th Capital insurrection was driven from the top according to former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  This explains the Red Team's intransigence on the investigation.

Update 12-20-21:  Trump is nervous as the House select committee investigating Jan 6 revealed an "alarming strategy to stop Biden’s certification on 6 January, involving nearly the entire federal government and lieutenants operating from the Willard hotel in Washington"

Update 1-3-22:   House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is calling the committee investigating January 6th a "partisan political weapon."  The Sunday letter to his colleagues came after the public learned President Trump sat on his keister in the dining room next to the Oval Office watching the Capital attack on television, ignoring two requests from daughter Ivanka to intervene.  

Update 1-13-22:  Red Team members refuse to cooperate with the Jan. 6th Committee.  

Rep. Liz Cheney said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was trying to "cover up" what happened at the Capitol riot by refusing to work with the House committee investigating it.

How deep is the rabbit hole?  The public has no right to know.

Update 4-27-22:  A year later the Trump White House almost immediately shifted blame for the Capital Insurrection.  

Leaked texts have unveiled a Trump aide's plan to help the then-president deflect anger over the Capitol riot.  Jason Miller outlined tweets for Trump to send out, blaming "ANTIFA" and "crazed leftists" for the violence.  Miller also proposed a tweet accusing the "fake news media" of demonizing "peaceful and innocent MAGA supporters."

Did Mitch get any of these communications?

Update 1-2-23:  Senior Trump aide Hope Hicks wrote after Jan. 6th:

"...We all look like domestic terrorists now.”

That they did.  Many still do.

Update 1-16-23:  Trump called the Capital rioters "great patriots" and their deserved prison sentences "a disgrace."  Spoken like a Chief Domestic Terrorist.

Update 10-17-23:   Insane Red Jim Jordan is up for Speaker of the House.   Jordan helped plan the January 6th insurrection.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

January 6th Commission Passed House


Rep. August Pfluger (R-TX) voted against establishing a commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol.  Pfluger had called the insurrection "a day of needless violence" on Twitter.  He told San Angelo Live:

“This is completely and utterly un-American. I condemn all violence happening at the Capitol. We are a country of law and order. Laying siege to the Capitol building is in total opposition to our ideals. I could not be more disappointed,” Pfluger stated.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy promised on January 9th:

Congress will provide the full resources to bring perpetrators of Wednesday’s attack to justice.
President Donald Trump's ego was the root cause of the attack.  Thirty five Republican House members stood up to Trump's ongoing lies and belligerence.  

As an independent voter who last registered Republican I want to know what was going on inside the White House while Trump supporters ransacked the Capital, using its halls for a lavatory.  Pfluger and McCarthy walked past MAGA urine and excrement to vote against certifying Arizona's election results.

Two Texas Republican Representatives voted for the January 6th Commission.  Both are veterans, Tony Gonzales (Navy) and Van Taylor (Marines).  Both served in war theaters, Iraq and/or Afghanistan.  Time will reveal the price they pay for their courage.  Former President Donald Trump has a wicked vengeful side.  

The Senate will determine if a January 6th Commission is established.  Sen. John Cornyn earned a Master of Laws from the University of Virginia in 1984.  Senator Ted Cruz graduated from Harvard Law School in 1995.  Each experienced a violent mob intent on interrupting the election certification of Joe Biden as President.  

That experience made no difference for 175 Republican Congress members.  One went from barricading House Chamber doors to calling the day a normal Capital Tour.  

Flashback to the Benghazi investigation:

"I've got to get the facts. I don't want to sound naive, but facts do not come with a color associated," Rep. Trey Gowdy said in May 2014. "There are not Republican facts or Democratic facts or swing-state facts. There are just facts."

It appears the public will not get to hear the facts about what happened inside the White House while the riot raged.  This is extremely disturbing.   

Update 5-27-21:  The mother of slain Capital Police Officer Brian SicknicK is visiting the Capital today.  She will ask Republican Senators to support a bi-partisan commission on the January 6th insurrection that took the life of her son.   Capital Police describe an abusive relationship with many members of Congress whose lives they protected/saved that day.  "We have heard all of this support for police, police, police, and then your own police force is battered and bruised and now you drag your feet?" 

Update 10-30-21:  Donald Trump intended to keep power by any means

Update 1-3-22:   House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is calling the committee investigating January 6th a "partisan political weapon."  The Sunday letter to his colleagues came after the public learned President Trump sat on his keister in the dining room next to the Oval Office watching the Capital attack on television, ignoring two requests from daughter Ivanka to intervene. 

Monday, May 10, 2021

Texas Legislature Makes it Harder to Vote, Easier to Carry Gun in Public


The Texas House and Senate passed bills allowing Texans to carry holstered handguns in public without a permit or required training.  Law enforcement opposed permitless carry, which head to conference to work out differences between the bills.

A solid majority of Texas voters don't think permitless carry should be allowed, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll.

Most citizens and law enforcement don't want permitless carry in their communities.  Most people, outside those manipulated by former President and Liar-in-Chief Donald Trump, want to make it easier to vote.

Not the Texas legislature.

The right to vote is under attack, as are the people who protect that right.

Multiple states have passed or are considering new restrictive voting rules in response to the “big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen. There is, of course, no evidence of massive voter fraud in 2020 — and President Biden legitimately won the election — but that has not stopped unscrupulous politicians in states such as Arizona, Georgia, Texas, Florida and Iowa from considering new strict rules on absentee balloting, the ability to use a drop box, and even providing food or water to voters waiting in line.

These attacks on our democracy have received much attention. Far less noticed, however, have been provisions in these laws that penalize local election officials who administer our elections.

Texas already had the most restrictive voting laws in the U.S.  Just like permitless carry, new voting restrictions passed both the House and Senate.  Once differences are reconciled both the gun and voting bills will head to Governor Greg Abbott for his signature.

Texans experienced how much elected officials care for citizens during Winter Storm Uri.  We were left alone in the bitter cold and dark.  If they didn't care about our lives, what do they care about our voice?  Not a flip.   

Update 5-29-21:  Former Houston Police Chief Acevedo said law enforcement across the U.S. does not support permitless carry.  "It is not needed."  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said he will sign the bill.  A solid majority of Texas voters don't think permitless carry should be allowed.

Update 2-3-22:   The Guardian reported "Officials in Texas are rejecting thousands of mail-in ballots ahead of the first 2022 midterm primary votes next month, raising serious alarm that a new Republican law is going to disenfranchise droves of eligible voters.