Saturday, February 26, 2022

Evil is As Evil Does

Consider Russia's history of attacking its neighbors around Olympics.


Update 2-27-22: An Olympic athlete who held up a "No War Ukraine" in Beijing was forced to flee the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv.  RealLifeLore explained why Russia invaded Ukraine.

Update 3-2-22:  ZeroHedge reported:

Senior Chinese officials "told" senior Russian officials in early February not to invade Ukraine before the end of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, according to the New York Times, citing senior Biden administration officials and a European official who spoke of a Western intelligence report on condition of anonymity.

Update 10-28-22:   Professor Jeffrey Sachs sounded the alarm on a small group of global tamperers that drove the United States to seek power and control in Georgia and Ukraine, i.e. not the will of the American people.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Truth Social Hits App Store

Truth Social hit Apple's app store and is its most popular download.  Pormer Fresident Tonald Drump's relationship with the truth has always been tenuous.  His love for power, adulation and money expressed in the startup of his social media platform.  How anti-social will it be?

Update 2-23-22:  It's off to a rough start.

Update 3-6-22:  "Sources told the outlet Trump had been heard on the phone "swearing gratuitously" and asking "what the fuck is going on" with the app."  TruthSocial has a wait list of over 1 million users.

Update 4-27-22:  Former President Trump recently referred to his project as "Troth Sential."  A year later the Trump White House almost immediately shifted blame for the Capital Insurrection.  

Leaked texts have unveiled a Trump aide's plan to help the then-president deflect anger over the Capitol riot.  Jason Miller outlined tweets for Trump to send out, blaming "ANTIFA" and "crazed leftists" for the violence.  Miller also proposed a tweet accusing the "fake news media" of demonizing "peaceful and innocent MAGA supporters."

...more like Liars Corners.

Update 8-15-22:  DWAC needs an extra 12 months to close on Trump's Truth Social. 

Update 9-1-22:  Don's Diatribe is not paying vendors and its SPAC deal with DWAC is in trouble.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Truckers Alliance Calls Protests Illegal, Trump Issues Invitation

After seeing a story on "Canadian truckers" displaying Confederate flags and Nazi symbols I wondered what the trucking industry thought of highway blocking protests.  The Canadian Trucking Alliannce said this yesterday:

All Canadians have the right to peaceful protests. Individuals engaged in preventing vehicles from crossing into Canada and the United States are not “peaceful protestors” as that term should not be applied to activities preventing the flow of essential goods by those who have illegally seized control and impede access to public infrastructure.

While calling for "No Lockdowns" the protesters have locked down roads and bridges.

The vehicle blockades spreading across border points and highways throughout the country are costing shippers and retailers significant losses while also impairing the hard work of truck drivers who continue to keep our essential goods moving throughout the supply chain during this critical time. Canadians should also keep in mind that many of these vehicles and individuals involved in the blockades are not operating heavy trucks or are associated with the trucking industry.

“The patience of drivers and the vast majority of the trucking industry regarding these blockades has long-since expired. The trucking industry and its drivers are paying a heavy price for the unlawful actions of those who choose to politicize and target our borders and highways and choke off trade between Canada and the United States. Their actions simply hurt Canadians and they have shown a blatant disregard for all the lives they are impacting,” says Stephen Laskowski, president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

Such protests may spread to the U.S.  The Canadian Trucking Alliance is calling for government action:

To protect the health and welfare of the 300,000 truck drivers who are committed to moving Canada’s domestic and international trade – as well as the economic viability of all companies in the supply chain – CTA is calling on all levels of government across Canada to put an action plan in place to end current blockades and prevent future disruptions at our nation’s ports of entry and the critical road infrastructure leading to critical trade arteries. 

Pormer Fresident Tonald Drump has invited the truckers to the U.S. to protest.  I'm sure he's willing to host them at Maro Lago and enjoy their 24 a day honking and diesel emissions.

Drump would be the first to have them arrested and treated roughly if they impacted his luxurious lifestyle.  He remains in "burn everything down that is not his" mode.  Lord, he's yours to handle.  

Update 2-12-22:  Red Team hypocrisy is front and center again as it cheers for protesters blocking street and impeding commerce.  This is what disgusts independent voters.

Update 2-13-22:  Truculent Tonald showed disdain for the rules he used to bludgeon Hillary, relentlessly calling for her to be locked up.  Drump has a load of logs in his eye.   Tonald Drump turned the U.S. into a place where people solve conflict with threats, violence and impulsivity.  He calls it a tinderbox and Tonald would love to light the match.

Update 2-18-22:  The U.S. version plans to leave California next week and head to Washington, D.C., not Maro Lago.   I don't believe these folks will get anywhere near the Capital after the January 6th attack.  In favor of U.S. truckers clogging up things are Red Team Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, as well as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  Fist wave to all truckers who block these officials driveways.

Update 2-20-22:  Capital Police are considering whether to bring back the fence around the U.S. Capital before the Trucker protest arrives.

Update 2-23-22:  The Truck Protest is not headed to Mara-Lago but to Washington, D.C where one trucker said they plan to tie up the interstate loop around D.C.  That loop runs through Virginia and Maryland, each with Republican Governors.  Pormer Fresident Tonald Drump called Russian perma-president Putin a genius for effectively annexing large parts of Ukraine.  

Update 2-26-22:  Drump's big SuperPAC event will have free flow of traffic.  A white nationalist event and CPAC are just up the road.  Cracker attendees chanted, “Putin! Putin!” and cheered the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  Drump and many members of the Red Team support Russian thug Vladmir Putin.  U.S Neo-Nazis cheer Putin who claims he is ousting Ukrainian Neo-Nazis.  Evil is as evil does. 

Update 2-27-22:  The U.S. trucker convoy fell off the public radar due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  Trucker convoy participants cite a "conspiracy myth that the outbreak of war in Europe is an attempt to divert attention away from this trucker convoy, which is currently about a couple hundred people parked in the desert of the American southwest."

Update 3-1-22:  A Trucker protest at the Washington Monument drew few people.   Two trucker groups remain in route to D.C.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

TeamYoungkin Targets High School Teen

Economic bully Glenn Youngkin has the might of the Office of Governor to push people around.  Picking on a high school student is bad form.  

Poor choice, Gov. Youngkin, especially given your campaign's response to your 17 year old son attempting to vote without any voter registration.  Devin O'Malley defended that teen with:

"It's unfortunate that while Glenn attempts to unite the Commonwealth around his positive message of better schools, safer streets, a lower cost of living, and more jobs, his political opponents - mad that they suffered historic losses this year - are pitching opposition research on a 17-year old kid who honestly misunderstood Virginia election law and simply asked polling officials if he was eligible to vote; when informed he was not, he went to school."

Youngkin's campaign did just that, pitching opposition research on a 17 year old kid.  Glenn's world is might makes right.  

Update 2-8-22:  Youngkin's spokesman called the kid they attacked on social media a Democrat Party operative.  The Youngkin campaign tightly controlled messaging, according to Politico.

So if you have your own brand, like Glenn did — and [that's] hard; it helps to have about a half-billion dollars in the bank and be able to put about $20 million in the campaign and raise another $40 million so you can have your own brand in a very expensive media market, create your own culture, create your own kind of winning-team mentality, have a fleece vest and a hat for everybody who comes across the Potomac and wants to get on the campaign team and join a winning operation — that's all good. When you create that kind of culture, and that opportunity and that vision of what the state can be like, then endorsements don't matter as much anyway.

When we were creating our own brand for Glenn, it was not in the image of anyone else.  You're a Youngkin Republican. Plant your guidepost, and go be your own guy

Youngkin is his own greedy, power hungry guy.  Why would someone of his stature need to apologize to a kid?  To remove the log in his eye.  

Update 2-9-22:  Youngkin isn't alone in losing control over his messaging.  In their rush to fluff up Tonald Drump's ego the RNC failed to follow basic procedures in approving the resolution that termed January 6th as legitimate political discourse.  So incompetence was used to promote arrogance.   Do they actually listen to themselves?

Update 2-13-22:   After gutting the state's civil rights division Governor Youngkin mixed up two black female Senators.  He did apologize for his error, blaming multi-tasking.  

Update 3-10-23:  Governor Youngkin ran over another Virginia teen at his Town Hall by not answering his question.

A transgender high school student’s question for Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R), who has rolled back protections for trans students, got a dodge for the ages at a CNN town hall event on Thursday night.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Tonald Swallows Red Team

Donald Trump, the incumbent who refused to acknowledge his loss in the 2020 Presidential race, has distorted reality to the point his political party (Red Team) appears to be insane.  Americans of all stripes watched the horror of January 6th and have been disturbed by the events of and leading up to that sick day in U.S. history.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said the select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol is a "Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens who engaged in legitimate political discourse."

Recall Trump insulted the appearance of his followers before enjoying the carnage they caused. Like Caligula in the Roman Coliseum he cheered them on, taking three brutal hours to tell them how much he loved them and to go home.  Only a soul sucker could have sat on their hands that long while people perished.  Only a soulless organization could call that violence "legitimate political discourse."

Trump spun out of control this past week, saying his VP Mike Pence could have declared him the winner and pondering pardons for January 6th insurrectionists.  Several Red Team members challenged this notion.  Donald cranked up his junior-high insult machine, calling Senator Lindsey Graham a RINO (not a real Red Team member).  

Former VP Mike Pence finally said what many in our country have long wanted to hear.

"President Trump is wrong…I had no right to overturn the election.  The presidency belongs to the American people, and the American people alone. And frankly there is almost no idea more un-American than the notion that any one person could choose the American President."

Did Pence just call his former boss un-American?  That garnered another Trump RINO retort, this one a twofer.  Donald called Pence:

"an automatic conveyor belt for the Old Crow Mitch McConnell"

Trump ended his message with a curse.

“Our Country is going to hell!”

The Red Team is fully behind Trump, thus it will accede to his whims, whines, curses and tantrums.  

For me to make sense of all the insanity I must use a new name for former President Donald Trump.  It is Pormer Fresident Tonald Drump. whiner extraordinaire.

Tonald will be Tonald.  The Red Team has gone full on Drump.  They are completely intertwined.

Update 2-6-22:  Chaos agent Steve Bannon joined his boss, Pormer Fresident Tonald Drump, in calling Pence names.  Bannon called him a chilled weenie.  That's pretty small.

Update 2-7-22:  Drump believes whatever he says or wants is more important than following the law.  His Texas diatribe may place Tonald in legal jeopardy.

Update 2-9-22:  In their rush to fluff up Tonald Drump's ego the RNC failed to follow basic procedures in approving the resolution that termed January 6th as legitimate political discourse.  So incompetence was used to promote arrogance.   Do they actually listen to themselves?

Update 2-12-22:  Drump's cavalier treatment of classified information and blatant disregard for preserving Presidential records is his latest log in his eye.  Recall how he hounded Blue Team Hillary Clinton for not complying with the law?  Drump aides say he did far worse.

There are now at least four ways in which Trump is reported to have tried to destroy documents while in the White House: Ripping them up, eating them, dropping them on the floor, and flushing down the toilet.

Drump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows defended Drump, citing his diligence in preserving records.  Diligent is not a word I associate with Tonald Drump, the Dilettante President.  

Update 2-13-22:  Truculent Tonald showed disdain for the rules he used to bludgeon Hillary, calling for her to be locked up.

Update 2-27-22:  Tonald showed admiration for Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, calling Putin a genius.  Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other members of the Red Team did likewise.  Drump's Attorney General Bill Barr called him unfit for office and the GOP needs to move on without him as a Presidential contender.

Update 3-1-22:  Drump administration Generals John Kelly and H.R. McMaster disagreed with the former boss on Vladimir Putin.  While Tonald showered Putin with praise Kelly called the Russian President a criminal.  McMaster called him a mass killer.  Drump's National Security Advisor John Bolton said "in almost every case, the (Russian) sanctions were imposed with Trump complaining about it and saying we were being too hard.  The fact is that he barely knew where Ukraine was. He once asked John Kelly, his second chief of staff, if Finland were a part of Russia. It's just not accurate to say that Trump's behavior somehow deterred the Russians."

Update 3-5-22:   Former Drump National Security Advisor John Bolton said Vladimir Putin was waiting for Trump to be re-elected and pull the U.S. out of NATO.  Conservative columnist George Will said Drump “a suppurating wound on American life”and said Tonald “looks increasingly like a stray orange hair to be flicked off the nation’s sleeve.”

Update 3-17-22:  The Red Team may be trying to dislodge the detritus blocking their throat.  National Review columnist Charles C.W. Cooke isn't swallowing Drump's distorted visions.   Cooke wrote:

The idea of selecting “extraordinary selfish” Trump to run in 2024 “should be absurd, risible, farcical, outrĂ©” and “the preserve of the demented fringe,” Cooke wrote.

The GOP is not short of candidates who haven’t lost an election and then “disgracefully lied about it for a year” or “inspired a riot in the service of that lie.”

Update 3-29-22:  In a Nixonian move the former president omitted any phone calls made during a seven hour and thirty seven minute period when the Capital insurrection was raging.  Official White House records show Drump made no calls from 11:17 am to 6:54 pm.  News stories around that event show Drump making numerous phone calls to members of Congress seeking their support to delay certifying a Biden win.

Update 4-7-22:  Tonald Drump said he regrets not joining the march to The Capital on January 6th.  Red Team Maryland Governor Hogan said, “To say it’s legitimate political discourse to attack the seat of our capital, and smash windows and attack police officers, and threaten to hang the vice-president and threaten to overthrow the election, it’s insanity.”  That's Tonald!

Update 4-22-22:  Drump asked if the crowd at his rally if they'd rather be dumb or a dictator, as if these items are mutually exclusive.  It was a perfect, perfect rally.

Update 5-16-22:  Drump told rallygoers he would write a book about the election in which he lost.  His title?  The Crime of the Century.  That would be serial perjury from a disgraced former President.

Update 5-25-22:  Georgia voters gave Tonald reflux by rejecting his revenge candidates.

Update 5-29-22:  Trump called the insurrection "a hoax" at a Wyoming rally.  Seven people died as a result of Trump's right wing middle-aged wilding.