Sunday, March 9, 2014

Olympic Wars in Asia: 2008 & 2014

The Olympics used to be a time when nations set aside war and sent their best to compete in the athletic arena.  The East and West violated this spirit in 2008 with the Georgia - South Ossetia - Abkhazia conflict with Russia.  That conflict took President George W. Bush's attention briefly away from the U.S. beach volleyball and softball ladies at the Beijing Summer Olympics. 

The East and West conducted another round of war incitement in the run-up to Russia's hosting the Winter Olympics at Sochi.  This occurred in Ukraine, where democracies no longer have the patience to let a leader's term run out and elect a new one.  What iteration of democracy uses force to expel a democratically elected leader, then claims the rebellion is itself democratic?  Is that democracy squared, cubed?

The world has lost patience.  Greedy, power hungry, violent leaders cannot wait another day to have their way.  "_uck the EU," as spoken by an American diplomat (global tamperer), is evidence of this very thing.

To sum up:  The Olympics are a time to wage war, instead of stop it, and democracies can be installed at the end of a gun.  They don't need to wait for the vote at the ballot box.

Update 2-26-22:  The latest Asian Olympic War is occurring right now as Russia has invaded nearly all of Ukraine.  The buildup occurred over the last few months and climaxed with the Winter 2022 Olympics in Beijing.