Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Constitutional Republic Does Not Reflect People's Wishes

U.S. elected officials and public servants have long ignored the people's wishes.  The latest snub is the people's internet.

“Americans of all political parties overwhelmingly support the values of net neutrality and want to preserve existing net neutrality protections. A strong majority (77 percent) of Americans support keeping the existing net neutrality rules in place. This view crosses party lines, as 73 percent of Republicans, 80 percent of Democrats and 76 percent of Independents want to keep the FCC’s Open Internet rules.”
Congress refused to remove preferred carried interest taxation for over a decade.  This tax break made billionaires richer while America's middle class withered and federal deficits ballooned.

Congress dug in their heels, preserving exorbitant private health insurance and forcing citizens to buy their unaffordable product.  Affordable health insurance is virtually unusable due to high deductibles and precarious family financial situations.

"86 percent of Americans agree that members of Congress pay too much attention to what their major financial contributors want them to do"

The average citizen using the internet is not a major financial contributor.  So their wishes can be willfully discarded until the run up to an election.  That's when candidate language changes, only to be forgotten and ignored once sworn into office.  Both our Red and Blue political teams employ the con.

 Update 10-28-20:  The Presidency has a way of running over the people's wishes, emergency powers.  The unitary executive expanded under W. and Obama.  Trump believes he can do anything he wants. 

Update 12-11-22:  A prayer for those waiting in darkness:

O Lord,help us to understand that it is not only the afflicted who are in danger, but those of us who comfortably look on and at best do nothing, and worse spread controversy, fear, mistrust and hatred.  Pierce our hardened hearts, enlighten our blindness, and break the chains of our pride and self-deception, so that we may choose life.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Voting Is Not Litigation

Meet the Press guests said the American people litigated Trump's self disclosed predatory behavior toward women by making him President of the United States.  Voting between a limited number of candidates for an elected position is not a court of law.

Why?  Because in our strange new world language is distorted as a means to an end.  Host Chuck Todd could have challenged the use of the word litigate.  Instead he shared the Blue Team version of the same distortion relative to Bill Clinton's sexual predatory behavior.

Both the Red and Blue political team are willing to twist language in order to not hold their leaders accountable.  That is not the least bit comforting.